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Here's a really heavy song from me! I'm pretty proud of this, I think everything stands out well in it. The new pickups sound very good, and really bring everything to life. I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun recording this one, enjoy!

Update (April 14) Wow, featured on the front page! Thanks Newgrounds! I'm really glad it's finally happened, I've always looked forward to the day I'd be featured!

Update (April 20) 1000 plays! Thanks people!

Update (August 14)

Download this song in high quality wav, with better mixing for just $1!


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Wow you're right that really is some heavy shit :O

Metallica1136 responds:

Hell yeah, thanks dude!

Epic song and a great way to demonstrate the pickups with the clean sections. I really like the sort of different moods of this one and the sections where you go a bit outside of the genre a bit. They blend well together without seeming out of place. Also, 6:16.... kick ass transition there heh. Well done and great job on this!

Metallica1136 responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah, i really like the clean tone with the EMG's, I decided to show it off in this song, as you can see. I'm glad you like the song man, thanks!

A great effort! However, the gain on the distorted guitars needs to be turned down. The song sounds extremely muddy and is filled with unwanted peaks of distortion. Listen to the section at 1:29 and you'll hear the audio crackling from the high gain and volume. Heaviness in a metal song does not rely on super-high gain, but moreso with good songwriting and solid, clean playing. In fact, less gain will really bring out heaviness in a metal song, especially during sections where there are palm-muted gallops as there were here.

Other than the issue with the gain on the distorted guitars, everything else sounds well produced. The drums sound good, the clean guitars sound bright, and the bass sounds fantastic.

Production aside, the variety in the songwriting is something to be admired here. I always enjoy a song that leave me feeling unexpected to what will happen next without having to drudge through something that is meandering for the sake of technicality or song length. Although the transition at 6:17 threw me off a bit, I could see myself warming up to that after a few listens. The wah section at 3:12 and the duration of 4:49 to 5:16 both remind me of something Sigh would do. Composition-wise, the section at 5:19 was also very pleasing to me.

I can tell you put a lot of effort into this piece, and it really shows. If you're writing material like this at 17 then you have a real promising future as a composer of metal music ahead of you if you keep at it and make attempts to expand upon what you know as an instrumentalist, composer, and producer.

To conclude, keep playing! But turn down that gain knob!

Metallica1136 responds:

Yeah man, I've noticed that more gain seems to actually make the tone sound worse. I think the whole secret to getting that Lamb of God type tone is to turn the gain down, because there's more room for the tone, and less room for all the excess distortion. I'm glad that you liked the song though, I wanted to make a song that changes style throughout, I like those kinds of songs. Dream Theater has inspired me to do stuff like that, I love how they have several styles on one song. Everything from rock ballad, to technical metal

I appreciate the review man, constructive criticism is always good! I first started making metal songs when I was 14, and have come a long way since then.

the bad is you not sing

Metallica1136 responds:

Yeah, I don't sing lol. Thanks for listening

Very nice work :) If I hear music like this on a dynasty warriors type game I could defeat all enemies.

Metallica1136 responds:

Thanks man! Haha yeah, sometimes, all it takes is some music to get pumped up!

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Apr 10, 2014
7:21 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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