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Base image: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sweetjeannie/sorcha-in-the-rain

Seeing this image, along with the way I was feeling today, I needed to make this. I don't expect it to win in the AIM, but I thought it fit. And I might as well submit two pieces. (Yes, I'm making a second. It's in-progress, and probably going to be awesome.)

The piece's intention and meaning doesn't have to do with the image's description. I've had a bit of an emotional roller-coaster the last few days, and I ended up making this during a particularly intense emotional state. It helped, thankfully.

Who knows? Maybe emotions really do go into a piece, and that's why this came out the way it did. That would probably explain why I feel so drained after making a particularly big and powerful piece.

I hope you enjoy it, whether you can feel the emotion in it or not.

…also, there are a few points where parts might be a bit overpowering depending on your speakers. I didn't exactly put a huge amount of effort into the mastering.

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Yes yes yes yes yes. More of this please.

The organic electro feel is right up my alley and the chords are perfect.

Your other AIM piece was pretty great too but this one speaks to me more.

SkyeWint responds:

It's funny, the synth which was based on 3xosc was inspired by stuff you've made. :P

Other than that, this was definitely more of an emotional piece, so I'm not entirely surprised it spoke more.

Hm, well, it's definitely not a bad piece and I like how it transitions after the first minute, as I feel it's very expressive in its simplicity. I also recognized the piano you used that gives that particular "buzz" and I know it's the instrument itself generating that sound, so you couldn't have really controlled that. Nonetheless, I'm giving this a quick review because I know you've probably submitted something far more interesting than this for the contest, and while I don't consider this effort to be average, it's not spectacular either. I guess it was perhaps an act of liberation for you, pouring out the sadness and stress in one take and it's something I can relate to particularly, but that's pretty much it.

SkyeWint responds:

It was definitely more of an act of liberation than anything. I understand everything you've said in this, and I agree with it.

...also, I actually could have controlled a lot of the buzz. It's in one of the two layers of the instrument - it's just normally automatic.

Sounds great! I lot of emotions that really fits the art. Love the harmonies and sound of the pads. And the "noice" was not sharp to my ears (though it might be becouse of my oooold ears, haha), they makes me think of like the sting of emotions you can have when feeling down or hurt. Like tiny stabs inside. Really like the song, great job!

SkyeWint responds:

Oh hey there!

Thanks for the review! I remember your piece Submerged from last year. It's still definitely my favorite from the last contest. I'm glad you like this. :) Hopefully you'll like the other piece I'm preparing!

I love it other than the quick buzzing (or vibrating) noises playing. It's extremely distracting to the song and hurts my ears a little, just because of its' frequency. Other than that flaw, this song is really cinematic actually. The feeling that it gives off is just great. It flows with so much emotion. Today, I love pieces of music that are like this, because they seem so hard to come by. So much electronic music today just gives off that overused "energy" vibe. Maybe I sound like an idiot, haha. Anyways, this song was a nice refreshing break away from the common bit of the genre.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there! Since multiple people (not just RealFaction and you) have commented on the buzzing, I tried removing it. It actually ended up sounding really drawn-out and dull, honestly. I might upload another version and see if people like it better.

I guess I think the feeling of movement is a better thing, and it wouldn't fit without it.

Either way, I'm glad you liked it! I think I have some other music which fits this, like the Nonfiction Section and Stardrift. There's also some nice stuff by Buoy and Anti-Citizen which you might like. For Buoy, try Time Lapse of Clouds or Endless Day of Grass Fields. For Anti-Citizen, it's in his older music - try I'm Done or Statiq.

Happy listening! :)

Theres parts where it feels like it saws against my ears, like quick "buzzing", it kind've is distracting from the rest. Other than that, I really enjoyed this, very emotional and atmospheric.

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks for the quick review. That actually kinda sounds like it's your headphones or speakers, tbh. There are the little quick vibrating sounds though, so that might be it too.

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Apr 7, 2014
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