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Dream Fantasy

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Author Comments

Let me begin with a warning: the production quality SUCKS XD
Seriously though, it does :p

This is, naturally, more of my older stuff. I'll try to upload something newer, or at least better, next week. I just felt that I have uploaded enough solo piano pieces lately, so I wanted something different for a change.

The composition in this piece is okay, although not THAT good. This was heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy game series' music, and one of the sections is HEAVILY inspired by the main theme of FF7 :')

Oh, in the same section, watch out for your ears, since the mixing WILL make your ears bleed :'D
Also, It seems I failed tempowise at two occasions, which you'll most likely notice!

Have fun...

(The tag would've continued with "s-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-dot-dot-dot-space-i-guess-that-is-all-for-now-comma-don-apostrophe-t-you-think-questionmark"... I guess we know how long a tag can be now eh? I'm pretty surprised that this is the only song with that particular tag; I thought there'd've been more :)


You call this poor quality? >:(

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah, hello there :D!
Not initially, but both instruments were included in a single audio file, so I had a difficult time mixing it properly, and gave up after a while :3 In the second half of the song, the vibraphone is too sharp, I'd say. Thanks for checking this out! I'll go back to review some of your older songs at some point, but I'm on a vacation (slalom skiing) right now :D

For what it's worth, my left ear really enjoyed it. :)
(Not sure if the panning is slightly angled to the left or my computer is just glitching up. Maybe both.)

I should really listen to the FF soundtrack. You guys keep mentioning it. Your piece sounds sentimental, yet mystical. If that's what the soundtrack sounds like, then you did a good job reflecting it!

I think lots of the hits on the xylophones and bells you used sounded a bit harsh. I think they were too loud and powerful. (e.g. 0:35, 0:41, 0:45, 1:20) They sounded a lot better from 0:47-1:14, when the notes weren't all played at once.

The sounds you used really went together well. Also, I think everything fit together tempowise. I couldn't really hear anything that was too jarring. If it slows down naturally, it's fine. It's just when it's unintentional or doesn't sound right that it bothers me. This was fine.

Good work! Not the most impressive song or the best-mixed, but it's good enough to sate me until next week when you come up with something newer/better.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why Hello :p

I actually think the panning is centered, but I might be wrong :/

Yes, I think you'd like the Final Fantasy soundtracks. Chances are you've already heard some of the songs :p My favourite soundtrack is the one in FF7, but there are several other good ones too! For instance, "To Zanarkand" from FFX is pretty much the single reason I began taking playing the piano seriously :3 One of the best parts of the soundtracks is that there are SO MANY different genres :'D

"I think lots of the hits on the xylophones and bells you used sounded a bit harsh. I think they were too loud and powerful. (e.g. 0:35, 0:41, 0:45, 1:20) They sounded a lot better from 0:47-1:14, when the notes weren't all played at once."

=> Yup you're right without question. I actually don't like -at least not the mixing- 0:35 => ; I think that the former part is much better balanced, since it's calmer :p


=> Well, it's just that the notes at 0:27 and 0:36 are a bit late. They were originally worse, but I cut a bit of emptiness out before them, so it's not as bad as it originally was XD

Yup. Now that I've said it, I'll have to force myself to come up with something good! Muahahahahahahhahahahaha >:)

Beautiful! :D I love the instruments, especially the vibes, as well as the melodies and atmosphere. I think that the vibes/bells take over the mix a little too much here and there, though, and it could've done with a little more dynamic contrast and structuring. Nevertheless, it's climactic, contemplative, moody and very pretty. I like it a lot! :D Sorry I haven't been responding to your PMs recently btw. I've had little to no time. :'( Oh...and that is one long tag! 0_o

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like the composition in general, although the mixing could be better :)
You are indeed right in that the vibes take over too much here and there, which is exactly what I meant in my description. The main reason is the fact that the strings and the vibe were originally recorded together, so I couldn't really mix them separately; I'm not so good at mixing in the first place XD

"... more dynamic contrast..."

=> Yup, I think you're right :p

Don't worry about the PMs :'D You already said you'd be busy, so it's no problem XD

Ps. I was genuinely curious about how long a tag can be :')

what poor quality? 5/5

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well, you see... There are two instruments in this song, the strings and the vibraphone. In the original track they are played together. However, I tried fixing this track up a little using Cubase. The thing is; I couldn't separate the vibe from the strings, and had to mix them together, so all the original flaws get even stronger, and some new ones arise. For instance, at some parts, the vibraphone gets too loud and sharp, which doesn't go along with your ears if you have even slightly too much volume!
If you look at the other reviews you might see what I mean better :3

Thanks a lot for the review!

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