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MrO- Emperor

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Author Comments

Here is my second entry into A.I.M. My first one was catastrophic and I felt I needed to redeem myself. I feel this will get a significantly higher score and will at least double my last score. (BTW it was rated 0.5 so it should get at least double)

After hearing many reviews on how this wasn't as full sounding as it might have been, I have deduced that it is a combination of this no longer being a wave file and switched to mp3. Also you are all most likely listening with different headphones than me. I recently listened to this with my ear buds and it indeed sounded a bit empty. Also try turning the volume up a bit, I know it's difficult but its worth the extreme effort.

Also I'm hopefully going to start BandCamp within the week so
I'll post a link then.
Here is the link to the picture that accompanies this. http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deathink/dojo


Sorry for the wait, there are a lot of entries this year. xD

Well it's definitely an improvement over your first submission. It's still quite repetitive even for "electro house" as you've mentioned earlier, and in terms of progression it doesn't offer much while you do have a structure you can improve upon.

I think your lead synth could have had more grit and distortion, also covering some bass frequencies as well. If you're a fan of electro house, something I generally don't find myself listening to as a personal taste, you may notice that the lead (rarely more than one) has a fuller sound, usually stretched between the stereo channels (panning also takes place to give it a hypnotic, psychedelic sound), with some reverb and vintage delay to give it a "stadium"-like ambiance and then distortion for an engaging texture of 90 nails scratching a blackboard on all four walls of your room, reminding me of the single "Satisfaction" if you're familiar with the tune.

Some vocoder or formant changed vocals could help as well, if a bit cliché, they could be glitched up and make it a little interesting to hear. I have nothing to say about the drums actually, as I feel they've been programmed well also in terms of mastering and EQ. Maybe some transition effects like risers and booms may help smoothing the different parts together and create a more flowing experience.

Keep working on making your progressions and synths fuller and more engaging to listen to, and I think you're probably in the right direction.

Mrobeymenow responds:

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you thought my drums were good, that's something you get little review on and is hard to know whether people like them. Also on you vocals comment I agree and in my current WIP I do have vocals in places to give some effects. Although I didn't agree with the sound of 90 nails on a blackboard, it was written in good enough detail it's kind of hard to get mad at. Thanks for the help!

A huge improved from that last song, and it also reminds me alot of my first stuff again! Great job, keep making music and keep challenge yourself! :)

Mrobeymenow responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and that you agree it is WAY better than my last one. Thanks for the positive comment!

Sorry to say it, but I didn't really like this that much.
The reason why I didn't like it was pretty much because there were no buildup and therefore no drop either. It seems like the song just started on the drop and for me, it was listening to a 4 minute long drop.
Also, if you are going to make such a long song, you should try varying the melody a bit more. Even professional Electro House producers does it. The melody was catchy but I got bored of the track like 2 min in. There were also no proper bass or subkick which Electro House is supposed to be known for.
Also, like RF said, it's missing some layers. Even Electro House musicians layer their leads just try to listen to some of them like Afrojack.

Sorry, but I am familliar with this kind of music and honestly I think it deserves something along the lines of 2.75, but as that dosen't exist I'll give you a 3, but I honestly think you can improve alot more. You got the basics down. Catchy melody, good progressions etc. But at least in this track, you lack some of the more basic stuff like layering and song structure.
You got alot of potential though And I really think you will be able to evolve fast if you just take my review into consideration.

Mrobeymenow responds:

Thanks for the insight! I really appreciate it. This was my first ever attempt at this sort of genre, and I plan to do more and get good in this genre. I'm still experimenting a lot with this kind of music. Thanks for recommending Afrojack to me I've heard a couple songs from him, and will listen more intently. I'll take your advice into consideration and try to apply it well. Also I think you're rating was very fair for the downsides and upsides of this song, I'm just glad I didn't get another one star. As I said before I've never done this type before, and I'm still learning. I hope you enjoy my upcoming electro house songs.

well this is how house music should sound like . I like striped down music sometimes

melody and pace are catchy . not bad at all

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Mrobeymenow responds:

Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it. Also I'm glad you understand how it normally sounds. I appreciate the support.

I feel this has a lot of low quality elements and is missing a lot of layers and is very repetitive, sorry to say.

Mrobeymenow responds:

I was right! Doubled my score from last time. On the low quality, that is mostly because I'm operating on horrible equipment. On the layers... I hope you aren't talking about the main lead sections. If so it is meant to be that way, it's Electro House. It's not meant to be so big sounding. Repetitive, mildly, I brought in new elements frequently. Frankly, it sounds as if you know little about this genre and it's elements, and are rating this as if it were something else entirely. I would also bet most people familiar to the type I made would like this much more, and would often give this three stars or more.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2014
3:19 PM EDT
File Info
6.7 MB
4 min 10 sec

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