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Short Jam (Refurbished)

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So, to shake things up, I decided to take a look at some of my abandoned projects. This one in particular had all the parts recorded (at least for the first two minutes of the song), so I decided to practice mixing again and fix it up. The result is still not a full length song, but it reflects a bit of the old and a bit of the new, if you will.

The parts were recorded with some reverb already on them (for some reason), but I decided to leave it on, and add my normal reverb anyway (albeit slightly reduced). It doesn't sound over-reverbed in the end to me, just a little unique compared to the other things I've done recently.

Bass might be a little quiet; snare might be a little loud. Depends what you're listening on. I don't know, I'm sick of tinkering with it so much; this is probably as good as I'll get it for now.

Also I'm putting this in the blues category instead of miscellaneous this time SUE ME


I always enjoy your stuff. This is great.

I'm not a huge fan of the way some the parts are stereo separated. What I mean by that, is, mostly, just the organ part that's on the left... myeah, mainly that... also the first time I gave this a listen I actually noticed I had a (fixable) error in the equivalency between my monitors due to the separation in this track - soo uh, thanks for that, heh... for the most part, still not a big fan of stereo separation.
Love the synth parts that come in. Total Sonic vibe.
great work

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Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks bud. I actually had trouble setting the volumes for the organ and the electric piano (the left and right instruments, respectively). Depending on what system you listen with, sometimes the organ can seem overpowering and the piano much too quiet. So, be sure to double check that it was your monitors' fault and not the song itself! If other songs sounded normal to begin with, then don't mess with your settings haha


Hey, y'know how I sometimes say that the drums or some other part's positioning sounds robotic?

Not this time, it's all good now.

The beginning from 0:12 to 0:40 or so does sound a bit quiet, I didn't notice the snare being too loud though.

For me it suffers from something I've mentioned on previous songs, the level of "interestingness" (for lack of a better word) is about the same all the way through. That is, while everything you're doing is pretty interesting, nothing is interesting or different enough to make me go "Whoa that was cool!". As an example the part that I mentioned on the Game Center remix at around 0:50 sounded really cool to me when I first heard it.

Overall I'd say you're making great progress, hearing the Game Center remix and this one after the other, I thought to myself "Ah, he's getting quite good at this now!" Keep having fun!

Also, suing you would be too much work so I won't bother.

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Birdinator99 responds:

Part of the reason I took another look at this one was because all the parts seemed pretty solid and organic (drums especially). It felt like a bit of a hidden gem, and I couldn't believe I'd forgotten about it.

I remember originally setting this up to slightly intensify the beginning half of the song at around the 0:50 mark to keep it interesting (a sort of natural progression). A lot of my high school jazz band knowledge helped me out here, and I feel like keeping that first bit quiet and then bringing it up would've been something my teacher might've suggested. If it sounds off to you, I'm sorry.

This piece was arranged a couple of years ago, so if I had totally redone it now, I probably would've changed a few things. That being said, I don't think that the 12 bar blues structure can really surprise anyone anymore. I figured that the 4-chord progression you hear at the beginning and at the end was enough to shake it up. I would be reluctant to throw in some radical synthesizer just to get that "wow" factor going, too -- I wanted to stick closer to traditional instrumentation.

Don't tell me to have fun Dright

you don't know me


ok maybe

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Apr 5, 2014
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