MrO- Rising Flames

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Here is my latest song and my entry in the Art Inspired Music Contest. I hope you like it!
The art that inspired this... http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/elkdarkshire/elk-s-deathwing
Also come sub to my YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdv9xBh6cTuaseZpX4ocxmw


This isn't as bad as some of the reviews made it out to be I thought. This actually gave me a smile, because I find that synth to be very humorous. Why not have some fun in this goofiness?
And those last couple of seconds? It sounds like a parody to me, and with that mindset, it's pretty good as that.

Mrobeymenow responds:

I'm glad you liked more than most. Thanks for viewing the positive for me!

Just... no. XD

I'm sorry, but honestly, this can be either too easy to be dismissed or too hard to explain with just words why it can be dismissed. It's really painful to listen to, but I'll try to leave some actual advice rather than just bury the track six feet under and call it a day.

The structure per se isn't exactly bad, but spamming the kick for four minutes straight isn't gonna help the cause. There are many things you can do to keep things interesting, but I think that the main problem here is that it's near cacophony. The difference between an interesting cacophony and an annoying cacophony is when certain elements in the track are combined in a way you can recognize even a faint pattern or section that makes you feel emotionally "linked" to it. It's the same thing as comparing a sketchbook made by a 2 y/o toddler and Picasso.

There are myriads of ways to start a composition and build on it: some artists prefer melody, some prefer atmosphere and sound design, some prefer more conventional means. Whatever you pick, try to give meaning to what you're doing and try to tell a story with every instrument you're using. It may sound like a colossal thing to do, but it will come naturally given enough practice and experience and you will never stop learning. There's no best way to do it either, we're all trying here in the end. Observe the world around you, listen to its sounds, and you'll realize that making music is nothing otherworldly and we're just rearranging sound waves in a different way each time.

I hope I've been useful somehow, best of luck on your journey

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Mrobeymenow responds:

... Was my work just compared to Picasso and a toddler?... Anyway, thanks for the review, I appreciate every one I can get. I agree, this song failed, for some reason, out of all the songs I've ever made, this one failed the most. I might revisit this and fix the composition "errors", and make this something pretty good. But I can assure you, the calamity of sound that happened in this will never be heard again. I invite you to listen to my next song, and see for yourself this was a one time thing. I apologize in advance to future listeners and pray that they don't have the volume very high.

Reminds me of my first stuff I made on the old Amiga 500 back in the day. :)
Have you been making music a long time? Some stuff does not harmonise that well, but if you train your ear some more that could surley be improved! If that dischordant stuff is not done intentially that is. :)
Haha, that last thing made me jump out of the chair! Haha!

Mrobeymenow responds:

I have been making music for 6 month give or take a couple. I don't know why but when I made this I wasn't paying much attention on composition, and now whenever I hear this it is disgusting to me. Just so you know this is not a good example of my skill and I would invite you to look at some different stuff I've made to see how good I actually am. But seriously this song failed.

I can honestly say the only good thing about this was the kick drum. It's very chaotic and there's not very much structure to it. It needs a lot of work. The clap wasnt good, and the synths were alright later on but the melody was painful to listen to. Practice makes for better musical structure.

Mrobeymenow responds:

Thanks for the review, even though it was quite negative. It's difficult to look at a song from a different perspective when you are making it, so it may sound different between people. I'm glad I got this review though, it will help me get better than if it were rated five stars. Next year I'll be back and apply my new knowledge, and I'll win the competition. Thanks for your insight.

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