Eight Foxes

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Based on a single melody by Octrox, this trance/break fusion track became a really lovely almost soundscape track.
Also note I didn't steal a MIDI, I used a single pattern with permission and deleted all but the base chords so I could do the music my way.

The track was called 'Eight Roxes' in attempt to normalify Octrox's name.
Upon my decision make a brand new Fur Affinity account and subscribe to Reddit /r/furry, I changed the name as a nod to the recent events.

[Edit all the way in MAY!
The artists below (as of now) are the ones who helped me get here. It's almost like everyone's gathered to see off my old style and self, but I think too deeply.]


Watching you grow as a musician is a pleasure dude. this is amazing pure and simple.

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FortressLord responds:

Wow thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy my newer stuff, since my album is going to have actual, formally designed 'music' as it's meant to be known.

Hey man! Really nice job you've done with the drums. Honestly, huge improvement in your arrangement and overall mixdown, you've got a really nice and easy listenable piece here. The melody doesn't actually get boring as you listen, which is nice despite it being repetitive throughout the track. I really like what you've done with that gentle reverse pluck string sound thingy... LOL I dunno what to call it, but it really goes with the melody well. The bass is nice accompaniment to the gentle yet firm drums, I'm glad you didn't sidechain it or anything or else it would have sounded really weird. Anyways, great track man, I'm really looking forward to any future works you've got :D Cheers!

FortressLord responds:

I have a new style now, I think it's my own, and it's very listenable. Can't wait to release my BRAND new stuff!

So thanks for the review, and I'm glad I managed to pull off a repeating song that doesn't sound repetitive.

You've commented on a lot of the submissions I've posted, So I figured it was time to return the favor and listen up some of your songs. Only to find Octrox has beaten me too it. Damn it Octy!

I couldn't actually point out anything that he hasn't already. But, I can agree with him.
The drum beat is definitely good. As is the bass as he said, it's perfectly mastered. Nothing's to overpowering and it all sounds pretty smooth.
Personally, I prefer more loud, hands up kind of tracks. That's only because I can't make anything like this. You use the term "atmospheric" quite a bit. You're more suited for that kind of thing. It's a pretty chill DnB song.

The review is kind of overkill, But it's only because I like it.
As Octrox said,

Well done FortressLord. Keep it up, I'll be listening from here on. ;)

FortressLord responds:

Wow cool both the Trance guys I keep seeing around are listeners!

Also, I prefer harder tracks too, but I seem to be better at making any kind of music if I throw ambient into it, and I don't know why that is. : /

Thanks for the listen and review!

Oh wow, everything about this is just great! :D can't help myself from bopping my head to it.

- The drum beat is spot on!
- The bassline is lovely and not too intense. Blends perfectly fine with everything else.
- You certainly made it unique, when the arping begins. 1:30 sounds magnificent to me.
- Sound perfectly mastered to me <3

I'm actually honored to have a melody made by me, in a track like this.

Very well done FortressLord

FortressLord responds:

Wow thanks for all that. I've actually liked your music for a while, since I heard Nightmoon Feeling.

Strange compliments aside, I am glad you like this track. I think the secret to it sounding smoother than usual is I really enjoyed it. I would spend like 20 minutes tweaking the mixer, and only a few on actual composing, in lots of really calm sessions over a few days on which I was actually in a good mood.

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Mar 31, 2014
12:43 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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