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I'd have uploaded this sooner, but I've been spending a lot of time procrastinating. Then again, Spring Break. Can you blame me?

Spring! The season of growth and allergies! I mention this because, coincidentally, I'm really allergic to a certain plant called Kentucky Bluegrass. Weird.

This was fun to make. Like I said before, the production value for the songs in my project is going to be diminished. I think I did okay here, though; it's not like country banjo music is going to have tons of mixing and mastering.

In other news, one of my friends, <a href="http://lucidshadowdreamer.newgrounds.com">LucidShadowDreamer</a>, just released a new game, <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636530">D-Pression</a>, which is really fun and addicting. It's been frontpaged and is in the running for Stencyl Jam 2014. Check it out if you have the time. Best of luck, LSD!

If there's any genre you'd like to listen to me attempt or any particular style you want to hear, tell me in the comments section below!

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Haha, yes! :D I love the frantic melodies and harmonies with the very Southern-sounding instruments! You mastered the mood and atmosphere perfectly, and the nature FX at the beginning adds to that notion. All the effects, instruments, transitions, and structural details added an almost comical effect to the piece, especially with that ending! ;) This just makes me want to pull up my khakis to unnaturally high levels, take off my shoes, and spin around in circles in my room, completely care-free...which is an amazing feeling to achieve during my junior year of high school! XD Excellent work, though! You really just as well could master every genre on NG! :D

LunacyEcho responds:

Hi, TheDoor!

=> Southern-sounding instruments =>

To decide on instrument choice, I had to "research" bluegrass music a bit, and realized that it used mainly stringed instruments, which led to the instruments you hear: Acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, and bass.

=> comical =>

What?! There is nothing comical about the ending at all! I am insulted that you would think that there's anything humorous at all about the ending! Sheesh!

=> khakis =>

Glad to evoke new feelings! (As long as you keep your khakis to yourself.)

=> master every genre =>

Whoa, there. I'm not aiming to master everything; I'm aiming to be able to create music in every genre. There's lots of things that I'll be better at than others. I'm not going to be able to do everything perfectly, I just want to get the experience of stepping out of my comfort zone in a ton of different ways that are entertaining to an audience as well.

Thanks for the review!

OMFG hilarious!

I didn't even notice this genre existed before you made this song!
And really, you did an amazing job! Your ability to jump from genre to genre is most impressive!

I think the production value is as good as it needs to be for this genre :p

I like how the song began on full scale, pretty much immediately after the intro. Also, I've got a difficult time to comprehend how you managed to use the instruments so well! The choice of them is mostly obvious, but they sound incredibly good togehter!

I love the percussion, that bouncy bass (at first I thought it was the lower keys of a piano, but I think it must be a bass, when I listen more closely [which is quite obvious at 1:12]).

That middle section is pretty cool too. Really... All the transitions and different parts are stunning... I could never create anything like this... Wow.

The ending is funny too. I can't help but feel happy! This sounds like it could be the new chocobo team for the coming Final Fantasy games; you should get a contract :')

And thanks for that advertisement! I really appreciate it. When I think about it, this should be the new main theme for the game. It really suits the overall athmosphere, imo!

LunacyEcho responds:

Hi, LSD!

=> didn't even notice it existed =>

Bluegrass is the hidden genre, sitting silently in the night, covertly stalking its prey, waiting patiently, until BOOM! THE TIME IS RIGHT TO POUNCE!

=> song began on full scale =>

Whew! Glad you felt that. I've been feeling that lately, my intros have been really long and drawn out.

=> choice of instruments =>

Well, bluegrass is a relatively popular genre in some parts of the world. If the instruments didn't sound good together, it wouldn't be a popular genre, would it?

=> bouncy bass =>

It would've been a piano if they had pianos in the midwest. :P Nah. In seriousness, I had a hard time choosing the bass. This bouncy bass sounds more fun and jumpy, but much less realistic than if I used something more subdued. Then I realized that no one really knows what bluegrass sounds like without sufficient analysis, so I chose the one that sounded good. (No offense if you really do make a living or something taking apart and deconstructing bluegrass music, but if you do, get a life. Seriously.)

=> stunning =>

Really? I mean, it sounded fun, but I didn't think it was THAT good. You probably could create something better if you had the same software I have. :)

=> Final Fantasy =>

This might sound crazy, but I've never actually played Final Fantasy before. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME

=> suits the overall atmosphere =>

It'd probably suit the atmosphere even more if we added some high-pitched synths and a gankokwe.

Thanks for the review!

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Mar 31, 2014
6:43 AM EDT
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