Marvels - Rough Draft

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Alright, so I've been very slow here, and I owe a big apology for that for that, sorry.
Perhaps this will help a bit, as this song here is a rough draft of a final coming out later, my first dubstep song, with a few problems that maybe others can pick out that I cannot.
Together with my vocalist for the main singing tracks, a lot of autotune for me, and my piano playing, quantized to make sure it didn't fall out off beat. This is a vocal heavy dubstep thing, but the hardest part and/or problems in this song might lie in the eq'ing, which is not yet perfect.
It there's anything I can do to improve it, please tell me! It might not be on my list yet.

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Holy-... I didn't expect that. I actually favorited you for your art, I didn't know you made music. So, let me jump right in the review!

Just for starters, I wanted to say that this is totally my kind of dubstep. I really love when electronic songs focus more on the melody and the instruments than the drums. It just sounds great and make everything epic. Great choice of genre!

I loved the song entirely and there wasn't any turn off parts that I didn't like, though, I still found some flaws (Nothing major, though). I really loved the piano melodies and the piano itself sounded really great. The bass was just perfect and it fitted perfectly with the song, and it was pure awesomeness in the drops. I loved the melody in the song, and like I said, I really love how you prioritized it over the drum, making everything sound blended in and melodic.

The voices were perfect. I really loved the singing, but I wished I could hear it better :/ I don't know if it was wanted or not, but I actually found the voices quiet and couldn't really hear what your vocalist was singing. Also, it would really be fun to see some lyrics for the song, so that if someone mishears something, he can look it up without pausing the song or if someone wants to sing along. So yeah, I would really enjoy the song even more if I could hear the singer better, but still blending in with the song.

One small glitch/flaw that I found. It's really small, but it surprised me in the song. At 2:11, there is a tiny cut-off for less than half a second where nothing plays. I don't think it's supposed to be there, so I prefer to point it out in case you didn't notice.

Finally, I really enjoyed the song. The piano was awesome, I loved the bass, the electronic leads sounded good and I really liked the arps in the background. The voice sounded great, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. So, if you fix that glitch at 2:11, I can say your song would be pretty much perfect and I would download it right away.

Great song, totally my genre. 4.5/5, 5/5, favorited

Keep it up and brony on!

January3rd responds:

Thank you so much for your in depth response! Your review is extremely appreciated. To address some of your points:

Thanks for liking the musical part of dubstep in general! Melodic, catchy dubstep has always been more pleasant to my ears than that which only relies on the drums or particular sounds without melody.

Don't worry 'bout the singing, totally working on that. For some reason, getting the vocals to sound right has always been the hardest part for me personally.

You are right about that little gap there at 2:11, I think it's a sidechaining error, or rather an error with my emulation of sidechaining, as garageband does not have actual sidechain compression. That will be fixed accordingly.

Isn't piano a beautiful sounding instrument? It's also my native instrument, as far as playing the thing goes. It was pretty fun to compose that part of the draft. Also, we'll definitely have the lyrics up in the final one.

Thanks for liking the drawings too! It's fun having multiple interests/obsessions to occupy time with.

All together, I really appreciate you taking the time to evaluate, and the problems are gonna get fixed. Thanks again!

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Mar 28, 2014
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