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box of secrets

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you find a small wooden box, dusty, mysterious, old. you twist a knob and it begins to play a soft melody. intrigued, you lean in closer...


who doesn't love @ZipZipper and @steampianist ???


this was a quick song (2 hours or so) done in their styles because they are great! It was a lot of fun to make :D


check out your page to see how you are doing

saw this, listened to it. thought it sounds more like zipzipper
obviously you like zipzipper more >:(

but seriously nice work dude though maybe at 1:30 you couldve added more to it like a sort of descant melody build-up and thats all i can say.... feels awkward to see your name in the description :P

and good luck in the AiM contest "Soar" was awesome really captured that cyberpunk scenery

johnfn responds:

MWAHAHA no you know i love you both :D

Thanks though I think your piece is way better heheh.

I love the mechanical effects and the haunting melodies with the (harp?). You incorporated the electronic elements very well, as usual. I'm not sure I like that heavy bass drum/percussion sound at :31 and other places, though, at least toward the beginning of the piece. It seemed very distorted and had too much reverb and created a really clashing mood with the other tranquil and pensive instruments. The tempo changes around 1:40 worked well. The melodies, as always, are amazing, and I love the transitions with the clock-ticking noise like at 2:17. All the instruments really contributed a lot to the piece, like that creepy exotic guitar that comes in at 2:57 or that sophisticated, melodic piano just 8 or so measures later. I also loved that organ at 2:40. It really added to the day-at-the-circus-gone-wrong vibe I was getting during the second half of the piece. The tempo automations at 3:30 and after were just brilliant. When I first heard it, I was a little concerned about where you were going with it, but all in all bringing back that minimalistic ominous riff at 3:51 was just genius. That transition (from 3:30 to 3:51) is probably my FAVORITE transition out of anything I've heard in 2014 (at least by you). I just loved it. That said, the ending was a little disappointing. I know you usually do fade-out, quiet, or slow endings, but I feel like the mechanical nature of this piece needs something short, distinct and staccato as a last note. Overall, though, just fantastic, fantastic work! :D Sometimes it scares me how quickly your music has tyrannically taken over my iPod. Then, when I hear tracks like this, I'm reminded: "Oh yeah, that's why!" ;D

johnfn responds:

Mwhahah! Yeah that was intended to be a music box but I actually couldn't find a decent music box vst! So I just used some crappy ableton preset thing. Though it ended up sounding really nice eh?

I ended up liking the massive drum stomp thing, though you're right, it might not go so well in the beginning where there isn't any bass...

Yeah I have been working a little more on instrument choice :) Starting to realize how important it is.

> exotic guitar

Would you believe that's still my guitar ;-)

> That transition (from 3:30 to 3:51) is probably my FAVORITE transition out of anything I've heard in 2014 (at least by you).

Hahaha yeah I was so delighted when that came together. I just took the frequency shifter that I've been using on everything to detune the accordion and it sounded awesome. Then I took a crash and progressively pitched it down a few times and it sounded like explosions. heheheh

> staccato last note

Yeah that's a much better idea then what I did.

> tyrannically taken over my iPod

MUAHAHAHAH! Thanks for the review :D

Man I love this! I can definitely hear ZipZipper and Steampianist in this xD
Love the guitar aswell.
Nice work!

johnfn responds:

Hua huahuahua thanks dude! The guitar was pretty tough to record because I was playing at like 180bpm or something, while I normally do like 120bpm. (I'm not exactly a guitar virtuoso.)

Lol, how did this have such a low score when I came here? :p

It's not your best, but I think it's a very enjoyable track, even if it seems a bit expreimental at points. (Like 1:31 - 1:51, for example, such a fun tempo change. I really like the melody after that too).

Actually, I think you have some really good meoloies here and there in this song. I'm even more impressed by how well you made the guitar suit this song!

Also, I think you were pretty successful in copying the styles of ZZ and SP; if I didn't know this was posted by you, I'd definitely think that this would have been a track from one of them!

johnfn responds:

Haha whenever I put stuff in cinematic it gets 0 voted. I dunno what's going on there.

Also it's way too stressful to write my best track every time I start writing a track. Yay for experiments!

I actually really enjoyed the tempo change as a way to introduce a new section which would be even more insane than the previous section!

It was actually kinda tricky to write melodies in this style, they aren't my normal type of super effusive epic melodies. I really do need to diversify my melodic style though.

Mwahaha yay for copying!

Sounds incredible i love the piano and the guitar playing in the background and the steps was a great idea beautiful work my friend! ^___^

johnfn responds:

Thanks dude! if you like it you should check out steampianist and zipzipper too :)

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Mar 28, 2014
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