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TTCN - 11:Puffer.

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Author Comments

11> Puffer.

-: "You would do well to shut your mouth, you pathetic little bird"
"You betrayed your own, together with him.. did you not"

What are you talking about.. betrayal... ??.. we but survived Janus"

-: "Deluded angel, noone ever targetted you.. yet you fought.. even on the side of Nebuchadnezzar.. against your supreme command.."
"Oh yes, it is my expertise to know these things"

"Who are you.."

-: "Sam somam, grand librarian of Hura, but you.. you are a spec from Hura.. a beautiful little statue of the gods" "You have no meaningful history"
"Arent you the daughter of the late great Ezegiel?" "How does it feel.. that no history remains but my knowledge of it.."
Continued Somam..
"Does it draw you to me?"

"Where am i anyway, let me out of these"

-: "No no no no no.. pretty girl.. You're not going anywhere.. only the lucky get out of here.." replied Somam.

?: "Just get it over with, i hate it when you play with people" A voice behind Somam emitted. "It worry's me if you're actually healthy in your head to talk to them at all"

-: "In a moment" Sam sighed. "History needs form, let me give that form to its actions"
"Where did you send the other one anyway"

?: "To the north" "Right into a division of Behi."

-: "You should have just put him in here aswell" "History likes drama" Sam somam noted walking toward the girl.

"You're talking of lone ...arent you.." The girl cried..
"He wont fall for your trap, he wont disappear from your precious history.. he will change it."


"Odyses, she might have been right you know.." "He might not fall for your trap"

"So, he got lucky then" Odyses laughed.

Sam somam could not help but feel greatly annoyed at the foolishness of Esys alliance; Odyses, he felt he would not bear the service of Anis grav anylonger and thus set out to the hotskinned man. "Aenimcea"
[20 days later, northern kenai mountain slope.]

-"I bring you news that i have set up a ploy to break their spirit, powerful lord""In fact i will let you break mine, accept me in your service"
"I cannot serve one that looks up to others"

"So you're a top dog.." "But 'why would you want to be in my service" sighed Aenimcea..

-"I have leeched off the knowledge of men to understand the Denimus, it all came down to the action of a single individual..
But he did not understand the meaning of it all, you do.. you understand the possibilities."

The hotskinned man stood up from its resting.. "It is not about possibility, it is about longing, longing to meet with possibility.. we all long to find the direction, and how far we can gaze into it"
"I 'saw you with Anis, you do interest me but you'll have to convince me"

-"I have confirmed my contact to have had one of your enemies in captivity, an angel girl.. possibly the last celestial that had not joined Esys..
'Odyses.. he told me she was with the bright haired roamer, the old prince." "That was the last she uttered, this will break his will to come after you"


The piano and style change at around 1:10ish is boss! im trying to think what this song reminds me off as im writing this but i cant place it! ( i know it will come to me as soon as i hit subit!)

The piano and organ combo is great!

its really moody and dark sounding its cool! im writing a story for some fellas who are making an RPG this may go on me iPod for inspiration! haha

Good Job

Calamaistr responds:

Good thing that my music may help in your inspiration. :)

The track is dark because it first portrays the character Somam in the story, he has always been there in the timeline wich starts technically in the 'Domus' album, he is the head librarian of the planet Hura (twin planet of Edin, where most of the storyline happens). He's taken on by Dimudu parmlenii as his pupil but betrays him because Dimudu is a religious zealout and Somam is only interested in the Denimus device.

He is a character of betrayal and could be considered the only true evil in the storyline, not for wanting to do evil, but for being the only character who isnt driven by personal reasons. I suppose he could be compared with ledgers joker, he doesnt care about death and destruction, hes just there for the ride, just to see what the Denimus device will do. Craving knowledge alone.

In the end he is one who has recorded, recalls. He is awareness in a story of proportion that swipes away life after life, world after world like its nothing.

A little bit of a spoiler i cant keep from the readers:
"The true evil of the universe (of TTC) that eats itself are those who witness it.
Not those who commit it.
Because it is them that give it meaning."


The second part that you find to be the boss style change, is a generalised version of the Aenimcea theme from 'reason in inferno'
Aenimcea is a bit in the same boat as most roamers (read TTCCHGENERO to understand) but much more powerful, he was spawned from Sidel after he went 'dark' in exile, wich is why he represents the element of light and fire, but in a destructive manner. His goal is to activate the last remaining Denimus in Emper (read TTC DOMUS to understand) to remove the 'barriers' between dimensions, or in laymans terms; re-call the Denimus flock that assaulted Edin during TTCCHGENERO's storyline. For more than one reason the Denimus and its roamers attract eachother, perhaps its their sad fate.


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4.32 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2014
5:49 AM EDT
Video Game
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