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I recently got my head into a contest called Art-Inspired Music (http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1362021). This competition unveiled a great challenge to me; an opportunity to translate art into music.

Thankfully, my favorite NG-artist Carrion had just submitted a new creation - Illuminare (http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/carrion/illuminare). I immediately ran off to the nearest piano and started pressing buttons in mere response to the visual deity that I had just harvested from the art portal.
Once recorded with a crappy iPhone-mic, the piano sample was imported, mixed, and blended with all kinds of computerized noises. The result of this audible experiment is called Contemporary 2.0. I hope you will enjoy it!


If you've listened to this track before without cleaning your browsers cache-memory, the new mixes CANNOT be heard. I suggest you clean your cache if you want to hear the new versions directly on NG.
If not, you can always DOWNLOAD the track!

This song is a somewhat experimental kind of dubstep. Lots of violins and shit. The structure isn't entirely made of drops, so cheers to those who enjoy listening to electronic music that doesn't provoke symptoms of epilepsy.

The mix isn't really THERE yet, but I will keep struggling with it in order to milk the very last drop of its potential.

0:00 - Long boring ambient intro
1:34 - Long boring ambient intro is over -> Shit is going on
1:55 - The verse evolves
2:37 - The digital orchestra joins the party
3:19 - Pre-drop
4:07 - Second verse
4:50 - Long somewhat ambientish outro

- FL Studio 11, Producer Edition
- Audacity
- EWQLSO, Gold Edition
- NI, Massive
- Superior Drummer 2.0
- Izotope Ozone 5

EDIT (27/3 - 2014)
- Added sfx to some parts of the song
- Refined kick and snare mix

EDIT (28/3 - 2014)
- Fattened the kick slightly
- Made the snare somewhat punchier (getting there)
- Punched cat in face

EDIT (30/3 - 2014)
- Made snare way more audible
- Made bass bassier
- Replaced dirty wobble synth with squarized oscillator
- Moar FX!

EDIT (1/4 - 2014)
- Doubled length of the dubbywubby-part
- Introduced a synthesized panflute to the equation
- MOAR FX!!!

EDIT (13/4 - 2014)
- Did some mastering. Boosted high-end frequencies and removed a bunch of annoying sub-bass.
- Snare is crispier than cornflakes.

Take care, Earthlings!


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A very interesting progression. Very uplifting and joyful melodies. I love this!

The only critique I can bring to the table is that the snare is a Bit harsh on the ear and that I'd EQ some of the treble out of it. Otherwise fantastic!

I think the beginning with the piano is a bit too long and unfocused. I would prefer a more clean sounding piano, as well, but I guess that's just personal.

When the drums start, things get interesting. I really like the drums you've used. I loved the wobble with the melodic synth in the background. Really unique and atmospheric.

The beginning felt slow, but the rest was interesting enough to make up for that. Good job.

A lot happens in this song. The piano at the beginning sounded very dissonant. I wasn't sure what to think of it. After around 1:33 it started to become really interesting though. Very unusual song. I like the rhythm and originality.

Hmm. Didn't really feel the song at some points. Some parts sounded a bit random and I kinda got bored of the track before it hit 4 min. The drop was amazing though which pretty much saved the track for me. Might also have something with that I really don't enjoy this kind of dubstep in general.
Wasn't really that pleasing to my ears.

Speaking from a technical standpoint though, this is pretty good. The structure is really good and the transistions are flawless. People who are into this style will probably love this.
3.5 stars.

It's a very interesting composition, with plenty of ideas that work together almost seamlessly. Structure-wise it welcomes a wealth of changes and transitions that are quite well executed and the track flows pretty nicely, overall.

The mastering needs a bit more of work, in my opinion. I think that the snare sound doesn't pack much "punch" and some EQ to the bass/mid frequencies could help improving the oomph the drums should have, especially if we're talking dubstep, a notoriously loud style of electronic music.

While the dynamics feel sort of tight and crisp, I think the orchestra should feel a little less trebly and more dense on the mid frequencies -- just enough to allow some little reverb to take place and let them feel more spacey and present. The lo-fi piano is a welcomed introduction, and it is in fact, quite original in terms of sound, not the composition itself.

It's a nice track overall, and I give you props for experimenting with different sound and atmospheres and ultimately for your effort to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

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4.31 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2014
5:52 PM EDT
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