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Light in the Darkness

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It's been a while since I have posted something as I was busy in lots of things going on around me. Two days back when I logged in, I found RealFaction running AIM 2014. So I thought good time to quench the thirst. Here is the piece I have created and link of the beautiful art by rtil.

Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/rtil/down
Artist: rtil

Here is the depiction of what I saw in the art. I have divided the art in three groups. Start of the piece portrays the light coming out from the clouds - a peaceful vibe; in the middle I saw the innocence of the girl which is in fact the 'Light' and rest of the music showing this 'Light' fights with the 'Darkness' and wins.

Hope I am making some sense in my song :)

Those interested to know what libraries I have used.
EWQL platinum (mostly - an all time friend)
CS 2
Westgate French horns

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Please go get a job scoring films so I don't have to torment myself about not being so damn good. I look at this picture and hear your music and I swear, I am not hallucinating, the girl is swinging and the leaves are MOVING. THAT is the criteria of a 30/30 for relevance. :)

Jesus, those chords at the start. Wagner would shit his pants at 0:23 and 0:32, and so would Hans Zimmer.

During the climax, there's a high horn line that's really quiet, and then at the very end it, alone, blares out. I dunno what's up with this, but it just doesn't work for me. Maybe have it at a mf or a f there and consider what else you can do for the ending... maybe have the harp pluck a low note. I've done that, heh. Works fine for release after a battle. The ending is just as important as the start, and DAYUM what a start you had. :D

I wish you added some nice timpani action in there at the climax too to back up the basses + snare, and maybe a trumpet line on top. Also consider using the gong for that lead-in to the epic part. It can really create a great lead-in.

Consider maybe some grace note stuff in the harp part to add more rhythmic diversity. Remember the harpist has her other hand to continue doing arps while the one hand does stuff on the top. The harp can pluck chords during the battle to add to the texture if you want too. :)

Keep compos(ed/ing) as always, my friend!

My ratings:
Originality- 7/10
Relevance- 30/30
Composition- 22/25
Instrumentation- 13/15
Mastering- 8/10
Emotion/Interest- 8/10

Total: 88/100 (NG: 4.5 stars)

Emid responds:

I am writing with immense pleasure that you have been my all time good friend as well as mentor. It gives me a deep satisfaction to have my songs acknowledged by you. Great ideas, learned advices given by you always make me do something new (for me) which I haven't tried before. I always come out from my comfort zone and try things learned by you.

Many thanks for the review. All these stars and ratings have little value compare to your advices however these stars and ratings are my motivation at the same time.

This song very well reflects the duality of the artwork (which I like as well). The tranquil beautiful first part for the top half, and the menacing vehement part for the lower half. I like the sounds you use. Your composition is also great. A joy to listen to. Favourited it.

Emid responds:

I am really thankful to you for your very encouraging comment. My pleasure that you enjoyed. And sorry for the late reply as am busy in taking care of my baby girl. Thanks again.

Lovely AND epic! =)

Emid responds:

Thanks :)

Beautiful :o. A real masterpiece :D.
Sounds really professional.

Lol I have a serious problem now Xd. Got like 15 tracks that are my favourites in this contest XD. Will be near to impossible to only choose 3 of them :(.

Anyways, a true masterpiece. Felt like it could have been a tad bit longer though. Kinda stopped at the buildup.
Thus, 4.5 stars :).

Emid responds:

I specially stopped it as I wanted to maintain the integrity of the innocence in the art. It was to show that innocence stays innocent even after winning the battle with darkness. She (the girl in the picture) goes back to the swing like nothing happened. It was her innocence.
Many thanks for the comment. Really glad that you enjoyed.

I think it's definitely one of the most interesting pieces I've heard from the contest so far. There's a lot of content and narrative bursting throughout the three different sections of this piece, and each of them shines of a different light as well.

The evocative and slow-paced intro, setting the world you've painted through the medium of your lush orchestra. The lonely sound of a harp slowly descending in the fiery depths shyly accompanied by a violin and cello, and finally, the climax of this piece.

It is by no means a weak song in terms of power and emotional response, although I would have loved the second part to be a little more intense soon joined by the erupting climax. Speaking of which, the horns and strings could have been a little more powerful in order to justify the relatively loud snare and the "Darkness" you've been inspired by. All minor aspects of the song that don't really detract from the experience, and I stand by my praise for it's well deserving indeed.


Emid responds:

Thank you very much for you kind response and suggestions. I will take into account when I will do something in future. Many thanks again.

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Mar 19, 2014
4:53 PM EDT
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