A last Cigarette

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My 2nd submission for the A.I.M. contest. This track was inspired by this great art


I tried to catch the feeling of having accepted the end of the world but still being a little sad about it.


Perhaps more like "after the world is destroyed, slow pan across the remains."

I agree with FD that the part near the end is sooo close to a climax but it just doesn't quite reach there. If you added more instruments and pushed just a little more it really would have made it. MUCH improved from your other piece, but you still need to push a bit more. Try experimenting with adding more orchestral instruments into the mix around the climax- maybe more strings like Cellos and maybe some Horns. Just to really fill it up around 2:00 into 2:11. Really hit stuff at 2:11 to 2:18 so we know it's the climax, then pull off.

I really like the feel of this piece. It went somewhere and came back- that was great! I do wish the ending was a bit more engaging though... maybe hold out the last note for a while. Think about the beginnings and the ends of the phrases and notes, and the beginning and end of the piece as a whole. Think of the emotion in the piece like a graph showing terrain- it starts low, builds and builds until you climb that frelling mountain, then falls off as the triumph of making it there fades away. Think of that very final note and how you will be leaving your audience. Also think of how the energy and emotion flows through the piece towards and away from the climax and if that is really the best way to go about it. Think about any meaning the ending might have. For example, you could choose to end the piece very abruptly... like the guy's life when he gets hit with an asteroid or whatever those thingies are.

They say the most important parts of a song are the first few seconds and the last few seconds, so make sure they're good!

The mix was pretty good. Fairly well balanced. It maybe felt a bit left-heavy at times, but that may just be me, lol. I think I'm a bit lopsided. Anyway, be sure that when stuff is going on in the left, there's something echoing it or underscoring it in the right or the listener will have no interest in being the listener anymore. You did a pretty good job with that in this piece, so congrats. I was listener for at least four times. :)

As for re: the picture... eh. It KINDA works... if you think about it. With this particular image, I would more think about the pain, fear, and ruin than the sorrow. This sounds more like a slow camera panning across a battlefield or one of those slow-mo shots of a guy jumping to save his buddy or whatnot. You really hit your goal of acceptance while being sad I feel, just I don't think the picture had as much to do with it as the idea you set out to do did, but I guess I'll give you the points anyway for your unique interpretation of the painting itself.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 24/30
Composition- 16/25
Instrumentation- 9/15
Mastering- 6/10
Emotion/Interest- 7/10

Total: 70/100 (NG: 3.5 stars)

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A really nice, video game-ish ambient pice :). It's incredibly soothing and I love the feeling it gives me.
Feel like it gove built up into something biggger though.

Nice piece. 4 stars.

While the atmosphere can be enjoying for a while, I wished the climax would have actually come some bars earlier allowing the introduction of more instruments and themes that could have kept the piece more "alive" in a way. It is by no means a bad song and I think the ambiance is performed nicely, but it doesn't really offer much until the real substance kicks in after the second minute. It is a decent effort with a good atmosphere and plenty of potential at hand that didn't quite found a way to sprout.

This is incredibly soothing and the melody gives me chills with the atmosphere of the song. This is a masterpiece. Please release more like this in the future!!!

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SoTJake responds:

Thanks man :)

Very interesting, though this sounds ambient, not really a cinematic song. It's a great start but I feel it's missing some layers. I feel it needs to build up more to something bigger when 1:48
kicks in. Not bad though, very soothing, though I feel it needs something else in the background. Nice work though.

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