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Poems for Darkness

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This took about 2 weeks to compose, and 1 week to practice (though there are a few mistakes hidden heheh) my pedal is broken so it unsustained throughout the song, so there are some sudden and off staccato here and there, but I hope you can look past that!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to use this for whatever, just ask first, and of course give me credit ;D

Also be sure to Follow me for the latest news, and compositions as soon as they comes out! http://metropiano.newgrounds.com/follow

This composition was actual inspired by this painting that I submitted http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/metropiano/the-bridge-to-the-endless-sea and will be entered in RealFaction's A.I.M competition or contest thing when I have time to post on the forum! Hope you enjoy!

EDIT 20/03/2014: Posting on forum TODAY! hope this does well.

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Remids me of chopin, I love chopin!... I love you :)

Bonus points for live performance, I just wish the recording were better. The bass is too loud.

Composition is very good. Some good modulation, faux modulation even, and plenty of motion. Overall it sounds quite Romantic. Playing sounds great too (mind you, this comes from someone who takes a few seconds to figure out a chord on the piano even after years of using one to write music daily).

I definitely feel the motion of the waves in this piece. This sense is very important to creating the right feel of the bridge over the sea and you definitely pulled it off. I really like how the various sections fit together nicely without too much of an abrupt change and really creates a full grouping of "poems" as you might call them.

Great work, keep compos(ed/ing)!

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 26/30
Composition- 23/25
Instrumentation- 12/15
Mastering- 4/10
Emotion/Interest- 7/10

Total: 80/100 (NG: 4 stars)

MetroPiano responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, it was quite helpful! I know I had some problems with the mastering (probably because I don't know how to do it), I'm a pretty odd composer, I don't write down ideas, nor translate or start writing my pieces through sheet music, my process is to usually think of a feel of the piece I want to compose, compose it in my head, slowly translate it to piano (sometimes I have to ease the difficulty just because I sometimes compose them impossible to play, for me at least) then practice meticulously (optional, especially when their was not a lot of time too, since my main piece was taking even longer than this one). After, I usually just recorded it plain, with no added effects just because I really do not know how to add anything to make it sound better other than reverb. So the whole mastering business is a mystery to me (other than the fact my pedal was broken and their were some mistakes because of it). Anyways thanks again!

Nice :D. Sounds like a true classical piano composistion one of the true masters would make :D.
It's amazing that you managed to perform this live in one take :o.
This piece reflects the artwork really well :D

A nother true masterpiece :D. Had a fitting length to it as well :).
5 stars.

MetroPiano responds:

Thanks for the review!

I appreciate your effort in both composing this piece and performing it live in one final take. I deeply respect fellow musicians that are able to perform their own works and this makes no exception. I wasn't expecting originality and in fact it reminds of plenty of classical repertoire, mostly from the Romantic era, but be proud of what you have accomplished here for it ultimately defines your dedication. I am not exactly a fan of your left hand work for at some points it sounds a bit overpowering and it doesn't really balance the "weight" of your right hand, but I praise the composition and the immeasurable element known as feeling.

MetroPiano responds:

Thanks for your response, ya I have had problems with balancing my right and left hand, that is because I was never taught how to play piano by an instructor (a.k.a. I was self-taught) so I never learned any of the proper methods for playing piano, including weighting and fingering techniques, also I'm unsure what you meant by the originality bit, (by that I mean if you thought it was orginal or not?) Cause from reading it I get confused if you mean you weren't expecting originality meaning you didn't think it was original, or by the same words meaning you didn't expect to hear something original but did with this piece? I'm just a bit confused on that one comment, so if you could clear that up it would be helpful to improve on the things I did wrong on this piece.
Thanks again!

That staccato at about 2:00 actually sounds intentional; you really did a good job of covering all the little hiccups and errors, because it sounds perfect to me, even as someone who's played piano for about half his life. I think you should stick with this (and stick with the staccato at 2:00, because it actually sounds really good like that) as your final product.

Get that sustain pedal fixed anyway, though (it should be easy enough to fix on your own, though - something might be loose; I get the same issue with mine, and all I need to do to fix it is to just tighten a single nut).

MetroPiano responds:

Thanks for your review! I'll be sure to try and fix my sustain that way, cause I never thought of that.

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Mar 17, 2014
9:12 PM EDT
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