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There is Faith in Hope

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Author Comments

Ambient, triphop, indie choon. all in 5hrs. korg legacy, crystal, rhino,FL, guitar. review

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Interesting song.

The beginning was kind of slow but then it had a good beat to it. The song and it's concept are good. What is hurting you is the volume levels, like the drums... a little too loud in my opinion.

Also i think that some of the instrument choices in there weren't the best. Like the bass for exemple, i would have gone for something different with the bass sample, but i guess it's all a matter of taste really.

The sound effects were nice and the melody too. Good work on this song.

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for your review. i was using my new mastering limiter on this track so i was just getting used to how much level you can get out of it. a lot it seems lol. all your comments are taken onborad and again thanks.


I had a bit of a scare when I heard the intro, it's a synth that I have come to associate with trance, which I kinda loathe.

But it turned out for the best man, seriously, I love what you've done with the drums, the sustaining notes, the delayed syncopating guitar in the back, the water sample, the lead synth, it all blends together. I probably told you before that your stuff reminds me a lot of Mogwai?

There's one note, ONE SINGLE NOTE in the lead that I don't like - it's the note at the start of bar , or something, whatever, it doesn't matter. Everything else is ace.

5/5 definitely.

pitbulljones responds:

haha, you thought i'd make a dance track? Dude thats not the pitbull way. i don't think you'll ever see me make a tune in that genre.

yea the drusm were done in FL,a 16 bar loop i made, theres a tambourine underneath the sanre at the begginin of each bar. i ahd trouble with my hats tho as i accidently deleted one of em, im still not happy with the compromise ive got.

Delayed guiats are what i do best, reversein em and lushing em with fx, pitbull signature. and the mogwai comparision again, cheers mate. I don't think im there just yet though.

theres been acouple of comments about this one note standing out, at least you've picked it out, so i know which one it is. Personally i don't lke the sharp at the end of the bar, oh well/

cheers again wintang.


Great ambience in there. I like it how you mixed everything together. I have to admit that you could have lowered the volume for some "instruments" or fx a bit so they could fit even better with the rest. None the less cool track man, keep it up!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE_555! You voted 5 for There is Faith in Hope, raising its score from 3.43 to 3.63.

pitbulljones responds:

Cheers for the review, everyone likes the ambience then, cool. specifically what instruments could have been lowered? kinda hard when i don;t know which one to attend to. anyways i'm glad you enjoyed the track, and cheers for the 5, i'll be sure to attend your page and review you soon.

Good stuff.

Very nice pad intro, i could almost quite happily listen to that itself, floating around in my phones. The trk breaks in well with the drums and squelchy(ish) bassline. The drums might have a little too much high end EQ on them though. It's a very loud trk volume wise, not sure whether the levels are peaking or not, but it could do with being turned down a notch or two in my opinion, I can normally comfortably listen to music through my phones at about 3/4 my main volume and I had to turn this trk down to under half volume to stop my head from exploding:) Nice use of layers to build a good arrangement, but perhaps a little more development with the drums would be nice, a prominent bridge section too. I like the backing fx too, the swirling/watery noise, but i think it does go on for too long throughout the trk and kinda gets in the way a little, I would think about having it in for less time, maybe just the first part of the trk, to free up the mix later on for development. I like the simple string melody and think it works very effectively as a main focal point.
Overall I think it's a good trk with some nice ideas but not enough variance.

pitbulljones responds:

whoa, you ever heard of paragraphs? lol. anyways nice one for reviewing my tune,a very honest review with some constructive criticism, i now look at this in a different light knowing about the MAC. this is a comprehensive review. I've never had a problem with the volume myself and ive played this on headphones full volume and it hasnt' affected me. Its all that ambient music you make its softened your ears lol.

i didnt really have much direction to go with this track seing as i just made it without any intention as to where it was going, and you may have noticed in some of my other songs that if i deviate from the start i go somehwere totally different and struggle to get bk.

thanks again for a cracking review. and your honesty too, it does peck head when you get OMG THIS IS THE 1337.

The melody

This is great. Whats that thing that sounds like water? Its cool. I love the melody and there was one tone that sounded a bit wrong (but it really wasnt, wasnt prepared for it i guess), anyway that thing was nice and made me download this track to ehar it again.

pitbulljones responds:

hey KRLA, cheers for the review. the water synth, isn't water its a setting from a free vst synth called crystal and it's actually more like scurryin of rats when heard on it's own, tho it does sound cool. the melody was constructed within Rhino, just tuned a strng prset a bit and played away. thanks for your download and make sure to come bakc and review some of my other stuff.

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2006
9:01 PM EDT
File Info
3.7 MB
4 min 2 sec

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