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Art-Inspired Music Contest 2014 Entry #2

BPM: 85
Scale: C Minor

Art Inspiration:


Unless this involves mantis shrimp, I dunno man...

Dubstep + deep sea animals just isn't really working for me I'm afraid. I might be able to see it, but I just don't know.

My beef is with the repetition. I don't know if I said this to you before, but the foundation of a good arp/ostinato is that it evolves and changes over time, even slightly. One time in four has an anticipation of half a beat or something silly like that can make a big difference. When I write a snare cadence (pattern) for a piece, I have it go ABAC with each letter being a measure and representing a variation. Then that gets varied over a greater scheme. The same can be applied here.

Also, you can have a distinct and unique B section in another key or with a new key structure. That little arp would go away and something new would come in.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have about this track is that Antarctica II is a journey. As you scroll down the image, it evolves, it changes, it becomes wholly new things with each new layer of the ocean with new creatures. I really wanted to see that in your piece, but I just didn't get that vibe at all man, and it's MAKIN' ME MAAAD. D:<

Anyway... the mixing and mastering is pretty good. I might tone down the high wah-wah thing a little bit or pan it or do something so it isn't in my face the whole time. As I know nothing about dubstep bassery, I shall take it that the bass was good as everyone else seemed to think so.

Keep it dubby buddy,

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 8/30
Composition- 10/25
Instrumentation- 10/15
Mastering- 7/10
Emotion/Interest- 5/10

Total: 49/100 (NG: 2.5 stars)

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This is a bit better than your first submission.
Feels like it fits the Image of frozen oceans and Antartica.
I do still feel though that it's too repetetive.
The basswork is amazing as well as the mixing.
The high pitch sound that comes in each bar or so is a bit distractingand annoying to listen too.
Not a huge fan of this kind of dubstep, but I feel like it still was pretty good.

3.5 stars

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An interesting idea that delivers a mildly engaging atmosphere, but ultimately doesn't offer much behind the reverb. While the piece has a solid structure, it seems like it drags the same riff for three minutes. In fact, I would have loved some variation at around 2:30 and it could have been a good chance to enhance and intensify that breakdown, possibly by adding more background ambiances and sounds.

The mastering is quite well performed, though some sounds may be a little too overpowering - namely the screeching sound reminiscent of whale songs - I find the rest to be rather coherent. The bass is probably the highlight of this song and I really enjoy how you automated it, giving it plenty of life and expression.


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Stapless responds:

Thank you for your review :)

Dude, that basswork is fucking dope. Definitely a headbanger. Those synths are sick.

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Very nice intro! Reflects the piece well. This is very experimental I can tell, I don't like the really high pitch screech synth in the beginning much as it's done a lot, but I'm really digging everything else and some of the other synths. I feel the bass synths and sub bass overpowers the high synth at one point, but eventually they duck down.

I feel this could use a lot more variation, but it feels well layered. In an interesting way, this reflects the artwork well. Good mixing, just the high lead synth is overpowered. Nice work.

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Stapless responds:

cheers, might play around with that screech.
but thank you for your insight. :)

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4.50 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2014
9:07 AM EDT
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