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Music inspired by this beautiful picture, i like it very much:


Jackaloftrades - Scorching the Evil Snowman

It's been a long time that i made a DnB track. I hope this one is a good one.


Unfortunately this piece is much like the snowman after he got melted... not a lot of consistency.

Look at ways you can better transition between parts. Remember that every instrument isn't just another line in a piano roll, it's an entire textural transformation of the piece. Where every pad and element appears is key to the feeling and integrity of the piece. Too many sudden changes and your audience will have no idea what is going on... not enough change and it will put them to sleep. It takes a long time and a lot of practice to find the right balance between variation and boredom, but I'm sure you'll get there in time.

At the start, I almost thought you were going to go for more of an ambient approach. That would have been great, baring the evil snowman thing. Maybe if there's a picture of a happy pine forest covered in snow and you instead matched this piece would have worked better for me, but it just doesn't line up with the image right. We're supposed to feel fear and terror and adrenaline rush and instead we feel like we're going to build a snowman, not blow one up with a flame thrower. :P

Some of the elements in the song are too loud for their context. For example when the bass comes in DURING the intro, it's like "BWAAHHHHH" when everything else is like "oohhh... ahhh..." Maybe try leaving the bass out until the start or try other volumes and textures to mix everything nicely. Remember dynamics always!

the part around 1:25 is confusing to the listener with all the different timbres. Also, the LFO should be lined up with the piece not slightly out of line, or else the tempo feels strange.

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 12/30
Composition- 12/25
Instrumentation- 8/15
Mastering- 6/10
Emotion/Interest- 4/10

Total: 50/100 (NG: 2..5 stars)

bolisa responds:

Thanks for your ratings!

Yeah, the bass isnt good i know. Next time i'll keep this in mind.

Thanks for your powefull advice!

Wow you got talent. this piece really is beautiful. Feel like the mixing could use a bit of work as the piano gets drowned by everything else.
I pretty much agree with Aero and RF.

The part at 1:25 was way too random for my liking. There were no buildup to it and you just suddenly changed the song from having an acoustic feel, to an analog/digital feel instead which I didn't really like.

The Piece is still pretty and beautiful. I like the percussion though it could have been better mixed. The melody is pretty nice and chill :)

3.5 stars

bolisa responds:

Yeah, i have to work with the mixing, mixing is not my strongest point.

Thanks for the lovely review!

Sometimes we don't need elaborate pieces to enjoy beauty within simplicity. Even though you claim to be a beginner, you have the potential of becoming a skilled artist given enough time and experience.

The composition is varied and enjoyable, but it is marred by a below-average production value and a general lack of cohesion between the various sections. The quality of the samples themselves don't constitute my verdict, although I would definitely look for a better hi-hat and a less edgy bass sound.

As a final note, it is not the picture itself that makes it a questionable choice, rather the relatively upbeat track you've composed inspired by the not-as-friendly picture.

bolisa responds:

Yeah you are right, the hi-hats and the bass are not that good. And its true. I AM a beginner. But thanks for saying that i have the potential of becoming a skilled artist given enough time and experience. I'll keep producing, and hopefully i'll get better. ;)

I also agree what the two below said about your song. Keep at it with the music though, and keep improving!

bolisa responds:

Thank you!! ;)

Everything I had to say pretty much agrees with Aero, that's all I wanted to say actually. Keep at it though, takes practice and experience to understand more about what you're doing in music, it took me a long long time, and it's well worth it trust me :). I liked the melody at first but I felt a lot could be replaced and improved. But yes, most of the song is all over the place and I feel needs more layers. Also liked the piano.

PS: I did like the snare and kick as Aero mentioned, that was one of the more positive elements of this song imo. It's good to experiment, and that's how you figure out what works and what doesn't. My whole music background has always been about experimenting, keep at it :)

bolisa responds:

Yeah, i know. I am just a beginner. Thanks for the advice. Gonna work with that.


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Mar 14, 2014
2:28 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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