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Aww yeah! My submission for A.i.m 2014 (Art inspired music contest)

The idea of the contest is to find something on the art portal that interests you and create a song inspired from that particular piece. Since this is something I do often for inspiration I thought I would give it a shot!

The art that inspired this was this:


by cheapcookie.

I was really interested interested by the strange psychedelic colour scheme and the skewed perception of a simple superhero theme.

I tried to create the song to suit the whole 'weird dreamy wonky' theme but also create something spunky and heroic in a way.

It was pretty challenging but I thing the result came out well enough. It's something pretty different for me and I'm really happy with it! I hope you like it ^^


AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

I haven't heard this song since the month you released it, but I had the melody stuck in my head a few days ago and I finally found this song again!

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Stopped by to say that I loved this song in AIM 2014. Can't really figure out why I didn't leave a review on it back then, but it stood out of the crowd nicely.

Audio Inspired Music Review

Firstly, this is a thoroughly entertaining track on its own! The groove is great and it's funky spunk is wonderful! It definitely fits the art well and I think you did an excellent job.
One thing I do want to point out is that it does need a section with contrast to the main theme. That would make it more awesome!
Keep it up!

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DuttonsaysHi responds:

Hey thanks! Yeah good idea! It seems the main issue was the lack of segments that could prevent repetition. Thanks again for the review!

Hi to you too, Dutton. ;)

Despite the simplicity, I really like this song. The main thing I really enjoy is the production quality and the variation of sounds and feels I'm met with as a listener. It has a really clean feel and a great groove to it. I could daaance to dis shizznit, yo!

Maybe something to consider is more stuff in the "middle ground" of the instrumentation- some arps going up and down while the main melody is going and other textural elements like pads and countermelodies... synth strings? some sort of arp pad? Just fill in the spectral areas missing.

Another thing I'd really like to see is a contrasting B section. We have this great main melody, how about something else in the piece to really offer some nice contrast that uses a different progression, melody, and feel? It would really keep the listener going instead of just the same prog over and over again.

Overall a really neat and enjoyable piece. Got my foot tapping for sure!

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 24/30
Composition- 20/25
Instrumentation- 12/15
Mastering- 8/10
Emotion/Interest- 9/10

Total: 81/100 (NG: 4 stars)

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DuttonsaysHi responds:


Well that's good to know! You pretty much caught on to my main focus on the variation of sounds and production value. So thanks!

Yeah I totally agree! I had some much trouble coming up with a way to extend it and add new sections without it feeling disjointed but what you just said with with using arps and pads to add a little extra flavour gave me a bunch of new ideas of what I could have done. If only I figured it out sooner Dx.

Ah changing the key mid-song, that's actually something I've been doing in a lot of my songs recently but for some reason I evaded it when it came to making this.

I'll know what to do and avoid next time. Thanks for the review! I appreciate you taking your time to really analyse the song and give me feedback accordingly :D

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