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Raw as hell, but I needed to enter a competition rather quickly, so here it is.
Take me back to those days
When I'd rush home to play
Crush my opponents as fireballs raged
Rush to the finish with dust in my wake
Saving the village/Earn trust in my name
Plug in the game and select a stage
Enter the code and see something strange
Ninety-Two was the time and six was the age
Of the perfect lines through those golden games
I was a late adopter of an early genre
Electronic with an 8-Bit Opera
Symphonic with a state of wonder
Spin Sonic and replay for longer
Seems someone would say that they stopped the
World from ending/Circumventing the final conflict
But that was dogshit/They stopped the clock bitch!
Now they gonna miss out on drops/It's
A legend they keep extendin'
And every volume is a Nayru's blessin'
I switched perspectives in Ninety-Six
Picked my weapon and a bag of tricks
Kept an eye on the British spies
And the line of sight from their golden eyes
Improved my times as I learned to slide
Grabbed a smash-bat and watched 'em fly

I was a king and a warrior/Singing the songs of the
Spirits to summon a steed and the objects I need to be conquerer
I was on top of the score boards for longer than ever thought possible
Making the improbable a reality/Makin' a win by fatality
Pickin' my way through the rumours and fallacies
Tellin' the truth from the way that it happened/She
Was a girl behind the armor
She charmed ya with guns on her arm/But
That wasn't unique to Rock or Roll
Upgrade the buster and wreak disaster
Wait for the cars just to stop or go
Surrounded by laughter from ninja masters
Creatin' the art that would make the show
Trust in your partner and get there faster
Pick up the sword just to watch it glow
Playin' the songs that would take you home
Fill up your hearts and begin the adventure
The best damn quest that a kid ever went to
And as I look back on the times I spent
I am glad that the lines I tread
Will never end but begin again
Because of all the extra lives I collect.


Loved the references in this. Especially the Samus Aran drop near the end, icing on the frosty cake!

The beat was dope. That synth is nice like rice. It could use some harder drums, but I like what you did with it.

5/5 9/10

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soundbreaker responds:

Ha, thanks mate! I appreciate the look!

This is a very intense flashback song. This is perfect for the regret scene in my movie.

soundbreaker responds:

Thanks man, send me a link if you end up using it!

I like your style, but I think you should try some harder beats too because you would sound dope on some hard stuff with that flow

soundbreaker responds:

Heh, I usually steer clear of the heavier/harder beats 'cause I'm not sure if I'd be too good on them, but I suppose it's worth a shot, right? Thanks for the kind words, man!

Yeah, this is brilliant. I don't feel like I ever have much more to say, but yeah, there are people on the other side of the world feeling this.

soundbreaker responds:

I appreciate you takin' the time, mate! I'm glad there are others out there on this wavelength. :-)

Lovin' this nostalgia factory you've created here! Awesome song.

soundbreaker responds:

Thanks! ^_^

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Mar 13, 2014
5:49 AM EDT
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