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don't mind me, just practicing guitar... pretty sloppy

i haven't figured out how to make anything except love songs with this thing, argh!


i have a much better song coming soon so just hold yer horses

(also lol, you can hear the metronome at points :x)

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Very nice and relaxing! Drum and guitar both worked and sounded very good. Personally i find there is something missing in the high frequencies -maybe i would use a vintage organ with quite much vibrato - i am sure this would be awesome! I guess you have got komplete 8 / 9 - use these organs. They are really nice :D Overall well done!


Voted 5/5

johnfn responds:

An organ, what a cool idea! I will definitely keep that in mind in the future.

Thanks for the review :)

I thought you said this was drum month as well? :D

Relaxing, melodic, and another one of those endings... That's johnfn alright.

There's not much else I can say about this that hasn't been said. Those people below me and on the next page over have analyzed this thing pretty darn well. Still trying to find the "metronome I can hear at points". :)

Great job!

johnfn responds:

> I thought you said this was drum month as well? :D

MWAHAHAH I LIED! Actually I only end up picking the themes for the month retroactively (or at least I have so far)... so who knows. Or maybe I'll do more drum stuff later.

I can hear the metronome right at the beginning of the song heh. I imagine you can prob hear it in other quiet places (since it leaks out from my headphones which I was always wearing while recording), though I haven't been able to pick it out successfully.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Wow! :D This sounds great! I really liked the chord progression and melodies. The transition at 1:05 was a little sudden, but overall I'm really impressed. I can tell it's not as polished as some of your other tracks, but that gives it a very down-to-earth feel, as if you were literally playing this live for your girlfriend or something. :D If you want to make something less lovey-dovey, try focusing on making creative rhythms. Maybe then you could add some vocals (if you sing, idk...) or use some more instruments from Ableton over it. I'm so jealous that you can play all these chordal instruments so well. It must be a huge advantage for you musically. Anyway, keep up the good work, Johnfn! :D

johnfn responds:

Yeah at first I wanted to just do something semi improv, where I would just think of new guitar lines to put down constantly and not really go back. I was definitely focusing mostly on playing my guitar with some accuracy, hence the laziness in all the other aspects of the song :p

> I'm so jealous that you can play all these chordal instruments so well.

You can still learn! Heck, I knew practically nothing about the guitar until I got it in college to impress the ladies... Too bad I was incompetent. hahahahaha Ok I'm getting WAY off topic time to say thanks and stop typing

Thanks for the review!

Yay, I love the theme of this song :3

To be honest though, I don't feel like the mixing is of as high a quality as usual, but I'm sure you'll get used to it once you've made more songs using your guitar! It feels a bit more empty than many other songs I've heard, but I don't know exactly what it is :/ Some parts work better than others though :)

Your playing is very good, but I don't think you've got a full grip of how to record your guitar just yet, but maybe that's just me :p

The composition and structure is of course, great as always. I enjoy the more "simple" and realistic style you've got going here. Lol; that echo which makes the scratch noises repeat in that way XD (examplewise 2:29 and 2:37). Good thing it kinda fits in the song.
Unless I'm compleately deaf, you're using different drums than normally, or you've just kept them more real. Although I don't know exactly what it is, I think that the drums could sound even better :/ At some points I don't really like the way they enter :D (like in the very beginning at 0:15, and at 1:34). Either it's that, or it might be that I'm used to hearing better drums :/ I have a two really good drummers in my class, and when they play on real drums it just sounds better than this, imo :) (Haha, that guitar thump at 0:07). Funny thing; at 1:05 the piano combined with the guitar almost sounds like a harpsichord :O

Also, I'm finding some parts that I think could've been made better (I realize you're just practicing your guitar skills, and I think you're doing quite well, but that wont stop me from judging the different elements like I normally would >:) ). For instance, I think that transition at 1:05 is pretty sudden. As Blue Oceans already said, it felt strange when the bass stopped playing. Also, that bass is pretty simple, but it's still effective, so no harm done :') At times, the guitar might be a little off beat, but not to the point where it actively bothered me.
Between 1:21 and 1:34 it feels like the piano and guitar don't necessarily mix that well together. It might just be the echo on the guitar that confuses my mind, since the piano is more precise. That short thingymajig at 1:32 is nice, but is it only me or is it a little too slow?

Finally, I think the ending might be a bit too generic, as well as some other parts of the song, but I must admit: I'm a sucker for this kind of music X'D

Oh wow. I didn't mean to be this critical, but I've already written 19 pages on six hours for one of my matriculation exams today, so I guess the mentality has kind of stuck with me :'D

Anyhow, great song! And my horses are running away, since I can't waint for the even better song you promised is on the way ;)

johnfn responds:

> drumz lol

Yeah as you can tell this is mostly just a piece for me to practice recording a ton of guitar parts haha I was a little lazy with the drums. Now that I'm doing more guitar music I should probably seek out some more organic drums, this was legitimately the only rock drum loop I could find in my library. Plus I could have added some variation to it. Or more hats, that always makes things fun...

> piano

At least part of the problem (that I only discovered when adding the piano part at the end) was that the guitar is like half a semitone out of tune <_< I tried to tune the piano to the guitar but I think part of the mix problem is that even individual strings were slightly out of tune. Oops...

> Haha, that guitar thump at 0:07

Hahaha I don't think I even noticed this. Good catch.

> 1:32

Yeah this is wrong. I tried to fix it and kinda convinced myself that I did but... it's still wrong. :X

> critical

No worries dude! I think you're pretty much on point. Thanks for the awesome review. I hope you saved some criticalness (whatever) for my next song though!

I don't know if this is just my computer speakers, but the bass sounded unpleasant. It's too noticable and almost equal in volume to the guitar. It also feels strange when the bass stops playing.

All the melodies are excellent and very catchy, and the song is extremely relaxing. I think you underrated your guitar skills.

johnfn responds:

It's funny you say that because on my headphones it seems fine and on my laptop speakers it's totally nonexistent.


I'm glad you liked it though. I still think my playing is pretty messy because the volume on different parts is all over the place (plus some timing errors...). Still if you didn't notice thats good :D

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