Watching Cars Drift By

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For the A.I.M contest, inspired by this piece: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/schlady/sunset-rush

the piece of art itself captures a very simple scene and makes something beautiful out of it. I hoped to capture the same feeling in my track.

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Art Inspired Music Review

For a soundscape, it's not bad. However it's completely repetitive and doesn't change at all. Kind of sounds like a great soundscape in one part of a game where the sun is setting across the street. Except you've forgotten to move on with the game and you're just standing in the same spot for 10 minutes.... gets a bit boring after a while.
Add some variation and it'll be tons better. :D

Yes, I listened to the whole thing. Twice.

This track is pretty much what I would have expected for this picture as far as ambience is concerned. My main issue is dynamics. Good ambient music has dynamics to it- functions through the three forms of musical evolution- transformation, combination, and elaboration.

Overall the track is basic. I think the message could have been expressed in a shorter work, something noted below by others. Ambient shouldn't really be synonymous with "long". It paints a picture, just like all other music, and when the painting is resolved enough that the viewer can understand it, it is done.

Additional instruments might add more detail and vary the piece to resemble a more natural cityscape feel. Think of the city- it isn't constant, it isn't linear. Traffic lights switch, new people walk by, a truck might roll in, or maybe an airplane might fly overhead. Take the time to stand on a street and see and hear the changes that occur there. Feel the way the sun interacts with the world- the motion of the clouds, the songs of the birds, the reverberance of the tall buildings. Notice the pedestrians- who are they? Where are they going? Where did they come from? In a piece about the city, I want to feel these things, sense these greater questions. They are the foundation of the ambiance of the cityscape.

The composition in this was quite basic, even for ambient. Some shimmery pads or little arp stuff might have benefitted the piece to create more harmonic and melodic texture. Different street sounds and other vehicles might create greater background texture.

My ratings:
Originality- 4/10
Relevance- 25/30
Composition- 5/25
Instrumentation- 4/15
Mastering- 6/10
Emotion/Interest- 5/10

Total: 49/100 (NG: 2.5 stars)

As others has stated before me, it really is a kice soundscape though it really is just the exact same thing for 9 minutes and it becomes pretty boring.
Can't give your more than 2.5 on this one. Sorry. Keep it up though. You seem to have a talent for soundscapes. Just needs more variation.

While I'm quite the enthusiast when it comes to textural pieces and soundscapes, I must regretfully point out that your piece doesn't offer much in terms of expression and composition. Nine minutes of a single drone and sound effects of cars passing by may sound thrilling for the first two minutes but it makes you wish for more than that.

They indeed make a good transitional, evocative ambiance if put in a more complex context with some actual melody and music. Here it's just like what the nature of drones is about: a blurred line between sound and music, that behaves as either of the two according to the listener's focus.

I agree with RealFaction.

Yes, it is great piece of ambient music, but 9 minutes it is all about the same.
But I must mention that You have chosen great sounds and it could be excellent piece of music if it was more "musically interesting"

Sorry for my bad English and I hope that You understand my idea.

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2.83 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2014
10:41 PM EDT
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