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Distorted Sakura

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Author Comments

So i finally decided to properly publish this track. until now It's been marked as "WIP" because I didn't dare release it before it was perfect. I've spent 23 hours working on this one and even though it might not have ended up superb, I learned alot about making music in the process :D.

This song is highly inspired by Envy's Japan themed songs like Shinto and Pneumatic Tokyo. Been a fan of them for a while now and thought I would try to make something like it.

Well guess I'll finally be able to move on to my next project :).
Please review and rate. I appreciate all feedback :D.


I was listening to some of my old favorites and I found this, the song that made me want to follow you. I'm surprised I didn't review it yet considering how many times I listened to it in the past.

I adore the sound design and the main melody. In fact, I still had the melody memorized after all these years!

I'm gonna attack this step by step mentioning what I like and what could be improved.

I've got to say straight off the bat, I am digging this track. It's very proffesional, the quality is immense and it's very upbeat, play this out on the go and I could totally get down to this. Overall I'm pretty blown away by the production values of this track, it has so much going for it I'm dissapointed it didn't get much exposure. It's quite innovative so far as dance music goes and I'm loving the style which I have to congratulate you on, the style is by far the most redeeming aspect.

As I say I love the style, it has a lot of dance and trance elements which are pretty cool, I love the oriental-esque sounds, it does have a nice Japanese string texture to it which pays off quite well when combined with the synths. It was pretty cool how many transitions and sections you were able to cram into one track, you had enough variety in their to keep it interesting but not so much that it sounded cluttered, ultimately you never lingered on one section long enough for me to become bored with it. The transitions between the different sections where also pretty great, the flow this song has is very smooth.

I will say however, the main riff you used throughout most of the song was perhaps a little overused, you could have perhaps changed it up but frankly you did a good job on it and hell, it's pleasant to hear. The effects helped stir it up a lot, so it did turn out real nice. Gotta hand it to you, you know what you're doing. There's a very good atmosphere to this, which is rare in a lot of dance submissions, there's a lot of texture and ambience which help make it sound a lot more full and a lot more pleasant.

The soundscapes you used are like pornography for my ears. :)

At first I was kinda "eh..." about the opening, the first 15 seconds sounded like it had been composed on a chamberlin or some early analogue drum machine. The drums are the only thing I was a little dissapointed with, they don't really have much presence and they sound a lot like the Fruity Loops default kit which is quite bland. I would have loved to hear some nice tight snares and some hard hitting claps. They just don't have the energy the rest of the song has, they suffer from one problem and one problem only, they're too simple, which in some songs is good but in this it just seemed a little bland.

I like to add, that whilst it has an obvious Japanese theme, so far as Japanese dance and pop goes it isn't particularly similar (based upon my limited knowledge of that genre), it does maintain that style of being Japanese though since it's basically what most people outside of Japan would imagine their music to be like. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, were you trying to innovate upon that style? I did take a quick look at your other music, listening to "Love In Tokyo" and "Break Up In Tokyo" which seemed closer stylistically.

The style isn't lost though because of the synth choice, that oriental-esque theme to it. Honestly you still aimed for what you were trying to achieve, so good job on that one.

I'm going to finish by saying the synths are absolutely massive and what's a dance song without some epic synths? The song radiates pure joy, it's simply fabulous, when the moment they kicked in I was completely absorbed into the song. They really do drag you in, combined with the fantastic soundscape it's mindblowing. They add a very ethereal and upbeat feel to them, for this track you couldn't have done better, the synths and soundscape really do come together in this.

Whilst there is room for improvement, honestly the few scarce downsides (such as the minor one with the drums) couldn't possibly take away from this track. I'm absolutely loving the style and I would love to hear more like this.

If you produce any similar music, then hit me up with a PM because I wanna hear it man.
Nice job, keep it up! 5/5 Stars.

- Machine.

Ectisity responds:

Wow! Probably the best review I've ever gotten :D.
First of all I want to say that it makes me extremely happy that you liked the track so muych :D.
I spent more than 23 hours on this track and used over 50 patterns which breaks all my previous records with a huge margin. Knowing all the work actually payed off is incredible relieving :).

I'll defintly take another look at the opening once more. The first 15 seconds was the part of the song I payed the least amount of attention too so it's been like that from day 1. Also you have a good point with the main riff. Probably wont change it up in this one but i'll certainly keep it in mind in the future :).
I'm pretty amazed that you were able to hear that I used the fl studio default kit in some parts. I've never really thought about a drumkit having "prescence", but I'll look into it. Might be what I'm looking for :D.

For the Japanese theme this wasn't really supposed to be a song influenced by Japanese music but rather a song influenced by Japan itself. I wanted to make a song were people would think about Japan when hearing it so yes It was sort of intentional for it to have a style that most people would associate with Japan and i'm really glad that I managed to do what I was trying to do :D.

This track is actually the first track where i properly try to design the sound. I actually used more time mixing the track than I used making the melody and planning the arrangement so that's why it really gave me and awesome feeling when you said that the soundscape and synths were good :D.

I feel like this track is a huge leap from my previous music and it's cleary the best I've ever made.
Your review will really help me improve myself even more and I think I'll be able to make alot better music thanks to you :).

I'll be sure to hit you up if I make something simillar and thank you so much for the awesome review :D.


Upbeat, and a dance track!? I like this!

Ectisity responds:

Thx :D. Glad you liked it :)

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4.60 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2014
11:50 AM EDT
File Info
8.7 MB
3 min 47 sec

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