{!RGH} Whisker's Ballad

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I wrote this song about a week after my cat (Whiskers) passed away. Let this be a tribute to all of our feline friends out there.

Once again, big props to LadyArsenic for doing what she does best and bringing this song to life! Enjoy :D

Of note - everything in (parenthesis) was written, rather glibly, within the past month. Not sure how much it fits, but it makes me laugh...so there.

- Lyrics -

(I wrote this shit, this song's about my cat. My cat that passed away. God rest his soul! Motherfuckin' Whiskers, it's Whisker's song. This song's about Whiskers. I wrote this one for you buddy. I hope you enjoy it in the after life. I'll see you there someday, maybe. Shit, shit this is about my cat. This song's about my cat, man. It's about my cat. Shit. You know what time it is...take it away LadyArsenic.)

Golden waves of velvet fur
that sulk in summer's light
Whisper softly gentle purrs
that soak my comfort blanket (quit drooling on me bro)

Roll in the clouds
and sleep amongst the stars
Drift off to eternal
rest in peace

Whiskers, my bristly buddy
Those stripes will never fade for
m...e, cuz
Whisker's, I'll always miss you
even if you don't remember

So just look lazy
dumb (just look lazy dumb and slow) and slow your
wisdom knows no bounds (you know your wisdom knows no bounds)
You've seen it all (I know you've seen it all) it's
time to call (and now it's time to call) you
in one final time
(get back inside)

Shepperd of an endless flock of sheep while I'm asleep
you always had a way to pet me back with your front feet (give me those kitty massages), so

Post up on the porch
one last glimpse for feline kind
Don't worry, close your eyes as we part ways

Whiskers, my bristly buddy
Those stripes will never fade for
m..(those stripes will never fade for me)..e (those stripes will never fade, c'mon), cuz
Whisker's, I'll always miss you
even if you don't remember

Ash to ash and dust to dust
We'll plant this bush and when its lush
It'll stand for all you meant to us
You ended in a pet furnace

Life begins again someday
Just stay true don't run astray
What else is there left to say
about cats


I know this is supposed to be a sad song about your cat but i couldn't help but laugh at that intro... o well, he must have been a great cat. RIP whiskers... you'll always live in our hearts <3

RyeGuyHead responds:

Haha, that intro just sorta popped up out of nowhere when I was recording my original vocal melody for LadyArsenic to work off of. It cracks me up, so I left it in.

As is, my parts should either be expanded upon or removed all together...not sure yet.

Glad you liked it :D

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