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Sounds to me like cruising 200mph through some alien landscape.

It's not really dnb but where else do you want me to put it???


1. I was mostly focusing on the drums for this one. They were REALLY fun to do.
2. Includes a live acoustic guitar solo (improvised)! It sounds pretty bad because I don't know how to record guitar but I wanted to keep it in so that later on you could see my progress. I want to work guitar into more of my songs.
3. If January was chiptune and February was atmospheric idm then perhaps March is drums and acoustic guitar?

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Barring the fact that the intro was 25% of the song and you apparently still have no idea how to make an ending that satisfied everyone (lookin' at you, TheDoor), this was an amazing song.

Thoughts while listening:

This piece has a variety of different feels. At 1:36, it started sounding like a montage scene, but once the tons of glitches started coming in, I just stopped thinking about what it would sound like and just sat back to enjoy them.

At 2:07, the melody sounds a lot like you're back in NGADM again. The transition at 2:40 seemed a bit sudden; I felt like it could've had a more driving kick into the guitar solo.

Towards 3:48, the song started getting a bit repetitive, and the glitches started sounding a bit overused. 3:44 was a good place to put the outro, but I guess the extension has its own charms.

Upon afterthought:

The guitar solo was nice. It was relaxing, but with an exciting factor at the same time. I think you didn't need to filter the background as much as you did, but it still sounded good. Guitar is something you haven't done much of (from what I've heard of your music), and I think you can explore the juxtaposition of guitar and your style of music a bit more.

Your drumwork has been steadily improving. I still think Steel Nightmares was your best drum piece so far, but this really comes close. I think you just repeated your glitches a bit too much. :/ Didn't think it was possible, but I think your glitches got too repetitive. Then again, if you made each one individually, we wouldn't hear this until 2017. So, it's a small tradeoff to hear these amazing tracks of yours as often as you put them out. :D

March being drums and acoustic guitar is something I can get behind. :D That 'monthly theme' thing is actually a good idea. It obviously wasn't planned, but gimmicks are cool. :P

Thanks for another great song! May you add more guitar in your work from here on out, seeing how successful it was here.

johnfn responds:

Hey thanks for the epic review dawg. I imagine that the sum total of all your words is getting close to exceeding the current winner (I imagine it's Step... but then maybe TheDoor6 has him beat in consistency ;-))

> At 2:07, the melody sounds a lot like you're back in NGADM again

Yes it's the return of the grooves! I always felt like my groovy melodies were my best which is why I don't do them too often, it feels like cheating. Also it feels like I might tire everyone (or maybe just me) of them heh.

> glitches started sounding a bit overused


Yeah I can see it though.

> filter the background

Heh, I just couldn't mix it any other way, I just didn't know how to mix recordings with things that weren't recorded. I've actually improved since this song...

> drums and steel nightmares

That song was definitely drum driven so I can see how it would be my best in terms of drums. This one is about a 50% split between drums and melodies, I didn't want one to overpower the other.

> I think you can explore the juxtaposition of guitar and your style of music a bit more.

COMING RIGHT UP. I plan to do guitar in all my songs this month no matter how poorly it fits >:O. In the song I'm currently working on I've done some tricks and it actually sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the review, again :)

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Mar 7, 2014
3:05 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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