The Hermit

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Created using FL Studio 11.

Please enjoy.

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I had to login into my old account just to write a review, this is really good stuff man, can I use this in a game I'm making? Its on the iphone.

nietzlawe responds:

Glad you like. Yes, feel free to use the music for anything you need.

It's a bit slow/chill. But my, what a variety of genres! I guess someone we know would prefer a wall of noise type piece, or something more ambitiously scored, but there's a place in the world for music like this, either in a movie or game, certainly! However, there is some truth to what Doomroar says. Myself, I think it's fine and dandy, maybe trumpet/lead instrument is a bit bland? Might be worth plugging in something else, see how it lays... I like all the other instruments.

nietzlawe responds:

Yeah, so many genres that I don't even know what my main genre is! It's probably always going to be somewhere in the ambient, electronic, experimental, video game type ballpark. I can't see myself ever attempting a rock song or classical music or anything like that, probably because those types of genre are more suited to being played live with real instruments. I think ambient and electronic music is suited to computer sequencers and synths, but I also have a really strong interest in ambience and drone. Binaural type sounds. Prolonged stretches of sound that alter very minutely over time. That type of music calms me. Hip Hop music I will always have an affinity for, but don't listen to it as much as I used to. I think we all change what genres of music we like over the course of our life. It's kind of a strange dalliance from one genre to the next. An illicit musical affair.

I don't know what this piece of music could be used for. It's kind of a generic piece, more experimental than anything else. Like you said, I might have another play with the song and try to freshen some of the parts up. I think it needs calming down a little bit, with the focus being on effects, little things going on in the background rather than overpowering synths at the forefront.

Glad you got a little bit of enjoyment out of the track though. I'll start working on some better tunes though I promise.

I was telling myself "If you have nothing good to say then just move away and don't comment", and i actually did, but 2 hours latter i found out that it feels bad to not do it, so i asked myself, why is that i didn't wanted to comment? and why is that i rated this with 5 stars and then leave just like that?

Because i was deceiving myself, the truth is that i find this song as normal and average, is not bad, but is not good either, i don't want to say that is bland, or just "aigh" because it has its moments every now and then that makes it stand out a little, however if you ask me what moments are those and when do they appear? i sincerely can't tell you, here is (among a lot of other parts) where my ignorance in music puts limits to my judgement, but overall it went for way longer than needed, for the little variation it had, now i know that i know nothing of music, nothing at all indeed, and you deserve a way more technical and with more insight review on this, but i just can't go and say nothing, or just go giving 5 stars when i really didn't felt like it. Is in this moments when i can see how preposterous is to go and rate or judge something as good or bad when we know that our knowledge in the field doesn't qualifies us or can helps us to elaborate on why we say what we say, i am not saying that only a musician could judge another, for to know about music doesn't requires to be a music player, however i do think that the more you know the better the review, and sadly in this field i can't help you that much.

With my excuses out and my own ass wiped XD, I will leave it on 3, but i feel it like a 2.5 which is the convenient half of a 5, however it seems that 2.5 has a negative connotation to it, unlike a neutral 3, even if both numbers seem to work for the same neutral notation.

I don't know why i am being so formal here, maybe is guilt for running away the first time.

TL:DR i didn't like it you can do better than this, is not bad, but is not good either, is meh. - All opinions are mine.

nietzlawe responds:

You have nothing to be guilty about by being honest in your review. I'd rather receive a review that tells the truth and is fair in it's breakdown. It's ultimately you that listens to the song, so it's important to me that the listener is happy, and if they didn't like it, then I want them to tell me that they didn't like it. Otherwise, how would I learn? I need honest reviews like yours in order to serve as guidance for improvement, to keep me from becoming complacent and not trying hard enough. I also welcome advice on how elements of the song sound, things like mixing and mastering.

I agree with you a lot, the track is a bit bland. That is how I assessed it too when making it, but spent a bit of time on it and tried to fashion something out. I like the chorus parts and don't mind the outro, but like you said it was a bit repetitive and lacked variation, especially the verse parts. It's definitely not one of those tracks that stays in the mind. I might even make some adjustments and see if I can make it a little bit more likable.

With my next couple of tracks, I'm going to try something a bit experimental and calm the melodies down and not use the overpowering synths. It would be good to do something ambient or a drone piece. Something along the lines of An Ending by Brian Eno. Just something really calm and spaced out. Kind of like the opening few seconds of Culmination.

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Mar 5, 2014
7:27 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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