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Break Through the Night

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Hope you like this.

Inspired by the fictional DC Comics character.

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This is Great

I love this Audio. The theme is about Battle time. This is Awesome to Enjoy and i say it is catchy. it rocks. keep it up
Peace to you

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot!

The opening of this song just said action to me. If a song tells a story to me then its a good song indeed and this one does tell a story. Perhaps of a warrior who's lost his way. Wonderful work with your percussion. At one point the song gives a small ambient feel that makes one feel at peace before it goes right back into what made me enjoy the song to begin with. Its easy to close your eyes and get lost within this track which is pretty good. I can hear a score of many different strings but being that I am a huge cello fan myself i would love to hear maybe something along the lines of a deep backing cello more in this track.

This is indeed a wonderful listen and I will be adding it to my favorites. Keep up the good work


LunyAlex responds:

Thank you very much!

Hiya. This was a basically enjoyable piece of music and implemented a lot of the modern action/drama cinematic tropes coherently - quick string ostinati, simple pop-chord progressions, rock percs. So decent stuff there. However, it didn't really do much beyond that for me.

There wasn't really an idea in there that grabbed me, that made me feel like... "okay, here we go, this is the character, this is what they're all about". It was all a bit callow and sparse. It felt a bit more like a sketch for a track than a fully-fledged piece. It needed a bit more zest, a bit more punch, something to elevate it above what we've heard before.

What it needed to grab me was some development. You're trying to tell me a story, give me some points of tension and release. Throw it into another key! Surprise me! For example, you missed a golden opportunity at 0:57 to develop your piece - insert a B-section or whatnot. When it pauses and goes into that long building string, I really felt it was going to change direction, but it carried on in exactly the same vein and tone and missed an opportunity to make an impact. It was the same staccato notes, the same key, the same instruments, the same dynamics at a point where I feel it needed something different. To take me, the listener, to another place. As a result, the ending feels unsatisfying because we haven't been on a journey, we've gone from musical point A, to point A, without visiting any other stops.

All said however, it isn't a bad track at all and I hope this review is taken in the spirit of self-improvement. Good luck with future compositions.

LunyAlex responds:

It is very much taken in the spirit of self-improvement. I appreciate the feedback and am glad that I feel I understand all of it.

I think I somewhat rushed it because I wasn't coming up with anything compelling, which is a horrible habit of mine (I like an idea, I am unable to make it evolve, but I patch it up and upload it somewhere anyway instead of keeping it for a more inspired writing session).

But yea, definitely not trying to excuse myself. Thanks again for the advice and critique! Very useful in giving a more long term perspective.

I like the overall structure of this piece, and even the final "tam-dam", it really adds a distinct flavor!
But it has a sort of bombastic quality, even in the good sense of the word, that I do not think helps this particular track, though.
The percussion could benefit from a bit more reverb. Maybe add a second layer of percussion, volume both down a bit, add one with a bit of wetness and reverb and let the other be, it would add a lot of space to the soundscape and still remain punchy. But this is just an idea, maybe you like your percussion as it is for it servers your artistic purpose.

But, hmm, the more I listen, the more I realize that although the composition is at least good by any standards, the mastering could be improved. Instruments could benefit from more space, more panning. Maybe this is just my opinion, but cinematic compositions, if used on a film, must not really bomb you, but be subtler and draw you emotionally into the story.

One can definitely derive a narrative from this piece - as others, such as Paranoidhumanoise already noted - so that's excellent. That's the purpose of music, generally, even more so of cinematic music.
The pacing is ok, harmonies are nice, the only thing I see that could be improved is the mastering. It's too bombastic, but that may be just my opinion.

LunyAlex responds:

Very useful and insightful feedback. Very much appreciate it and I do agree with everything you said, in hindsight. I'm still pretty new to producing cinematic material, so I need all the help I can get, haha. Thanks you and have a good one!

Wow man! Feels like it's straight from the film's itself, how did you make this? Really remarkable song composition. I liked it all, the thunderous drums, whispering strings, all coming together to accompany the Dark Knight himself as he protects his beloved Gotham.

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot man!
It's made using 3 sample libraries. Spitfire Albion (for Violins), Spitfire Albion Iceni (for Cellos) and Heavyocity Damage (for percussion).

I appreciate the kind words, they mean a lot.

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Mar 5, 2014
6:30 PM EST
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