In Your Saliva

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I've been producing EDM for about 8 years but I ran into some computer trouble back in August. I haven't made anything new in a half year because I've had to make due with no processing power and a lazy sound card. My external HD serves as a "time machine" back up for my mac and for some reason windows won't let me access the data so I can't open my sample bank and all my old .rsn files. Instead of letting this continue to eat away at my creativity I've decided to just start fresh, new account, new sounds. I'm starting small and getting warmed up with what I feel most comfortable with.

I also recently bought a new piano keyboard to make music with! Except it died in like 7 days. Thank god I was able to get my $300 back before the 15 day warranty ran out. The piano in this song was improvised and there was a little bit of post production editing/envelope filtering applied. Aside from the recent computer trouble it's been three years since I've plugged a reliable midi controller into reason. Hence, my main account got really atonal and experimental. Without something physical to hammer on making music digitally using only your mouse is like trying to paint with your face. It friggen sucks. Since I'm back out of a keyboard this might be the only song I produce that sounds like this but we'll see. It might also be the only song I make. Hopefully I can keep the creative train flowing.

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Intro is amazing; I love the detuned analogue synth strings and the weird relaxing atmosphere. That's not to say the rest of the song isn't great too, though. It fits the atmosphere at the beginning, but has lots of energy. Good use of an arpeggiated major 7 chord at the end. Amazing song!

I like it! I was a bit suspicious with the intro, but you definitely brought the beat. The detuned pad was pretty cool and immediately gave the piece a surreal feeling. It's almost like those old 70's horror movies with the sort of rough quality that actually help support the atmosphere. There's a lot of simple sounds I hear that kind of conflict with the tone a little bit in an interesting way, like that bell instrument in the beginning and the LFO you used right before that drum hit came in.

But then you bring in what sounds like a randomized computer-like sound that begins to bring an amount of complexity to the mix, followed by the beat which has a distorted kick pounding to an otherwise clean sound around it. I really like that sound at 1:33. It seems to solidify the track as a robotic-themed instrumental from then on.

The piano was a bit of a miss for me. It seemed to have brought an adrupt change in the rhythm of the track while not giving any indication beforehand. I think it may have worked better if it was a little quieter and didn't have so much sustain behind it, but that's only a maybe from me. Also, the track gets a liiittle bit muddy when it's playing. Maybe it could have used a little more EQ work? I don't think it's being drowned out so much as that it just sounds like a few conflicting frequencies are going on.

This is a really neat DnB track. I actually didn't have any complaints with the drums themselves, and I can get pretty meticulous with them, even when someone else made them! There are a few things that could use some ironing out, but I think this is overall a really good track that the audio portal would surely benefit from.

MutualCore responds:

Thank you! It's not exactly newgrounds but someone already picked the track up for their youtube video. I've been producing for 7-8 years but it's been 6 months since I've finished anything and I'm using borrowed hardware so I'm out of practice... but thank you so much! It always means a lot when people take the time to leave a thoughtful drawn out review. Bless your heart. Thor be praised.

this sounds really cool, but the piano sounds like it's being drowned out. Not sure if that was intentional, but I still think it's sick.

MutualCore responds:

When the genre is drum and bass I like to let the drums lead the track. I usually just use the piano as a pad to sit in the background of tracks and create atmosphere so it never really cuts through a mix. I might have given them a little more presence but I was tired of playing with levels and afraid that any more tweaking would lead to me fucking the mix. I've ruined some prime songs by just fucking with the mix for too long...

Also, thanks for the review!! Love <3

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Mar 3, 2014
8:16 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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