|R|Skipping Through Time

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Imagine having the power to skip through time. Stroll through medieval villages or fly in the future's hover cars.

This song can loop if you want it to.




And here is another nice piece with a good vibe right out of the box with a fantastic style but I do believe you can add more variety and mix to this as a whole that's what seems to be missing from it and by adding just a lil more it will be a top notch piece of sound so try adding more to this fine track

More variety more mix


I'm trying to imagine that time-skipping sensation, but not really getting there!

The musical build-up is nice and ambient, the bass and beat trippy and energetic, but the melody is surprisingly flat somehow. Even when the beat pauses around 1:20 it build-ups in the previous style, and doesn't really morph as much as I'd expected. It'd be good background music for anything really, but that magical or motivating feeling isn't really there, it gets monotone in the long run. Not sure what concrete feedback to suggest other than... maybe vary it up a bit... somehow? As ambient background music it's fine as is, but a broader range of melody wouldn't hurt. Keep it going!


Radiationator responds:

Thanks for the review :D

The first sixteen seconds of the song sounds very epic like something you'd here over the top of an establishing shot in some extremely atmospheric movie like one of the Lord of The Rings movies. Not exactly a bad thing when all is said and done.

I like that after this the song slowly builds up layer by layer and feels like it is leading up to something big. As I see that you have uploaded this under the "Video Game" category I can only imagine that this would be on a fast paced, platform game in the level before a boss battle. Of course this could just be how I'm interpreting this track.

Towards the end of the track I have to say that it had a sense of too much repetition for my taste but needless to say I can really see this being picked up and used in a game at some point. Though maybe making it into a loop would have been better. My knowledge of music unfortunately doesn't allow me to know if this would be practical or possible.

A great audio all in all.

- Review Request Club -

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Radiationator responds:

Thanks! I agree with your interpretations, and they are pretty much in sync with my ideas on this song. I've got a lot to work on, and thanks for helping point out what that is. Great review! :)

"Most of my songs are lower volume to make sure there's no clipping"

That's why you need to learn how to use a compressor to max out the sound without blowing that sound into shit. Compressors not only compress sounds but they can also amplify. Try experimenting with panning as well. Panning a sound in a specific direction gives off the illusion that it's louder than it really is and as such lets you turn the levels down on things without sacrificing the presence of a sound. It helps create room in the mix for more sounds.

This trick is a little more advanced and I know some artists that have gotten by without this but side chaining is another neat mixing trick. Side chaining lets you control the levels of one instrument with the levels of another which means you can set up things like lowering the volume of the bass guitar every time the bass drum hits. It's a very subtle trick but the results can be huge. I usually side chain the pads, strings, and bass with my drum signals.

There was something else I wanted to tell you but I forgot. All in all this is a cool track! Kepp on keeping on. Learn those tricks. Become the champion.

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Radiationator responds:

Wow, that is a very helpful review! I never knew any of those tricks very good. Thanks a ton for the advice, man! :D

Wow, really cool. I liked your main pad/drum. Just want to say to pay attention in the mastering. The song itself have a low volume. One more thing, to consider the 'feeling' of this song, I could say that this is a ambient/chill-out song(just MY opinion).
Anyway, I really liked this song(it just have a low volume for me), good luck in the next project :3

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Radiationator responds:

Most of my songs are lower volume to make sure there's no clipping, so yeah, I need to improve my mastering skills.

Thanks for the review! :D

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