Tale of a Free Man

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A friend of mine had kids who was doing a school project for Canada's Black History Month and they should present it tomorrow. This was my job, write an epic score for their short film.

My friend had ancestors who were slaves and freed into Canada via the Underground Railroad. He told me the stories to give me inspiration. Part of my inspiration also came from the amazing movie '12 Years a Slave'.

Let's talk about the production!

I started out with the harps. Symphonic Orchestra has the sweetest harps ever. Then I used almost everything in Albion to make it sound good. Albion lack of good spiccato, which I had to use LASS 2, with the exception of low string staccato. I wanted it sounds as similar to "Howard Shore" and "Harry Gregson-Williams" as possible.

The voices and short background choirs are from Shevannai and Lumina. Forgive me for putting Elvish choirs into a song that has nothing to do with Elves!

The intro and outtro are quite similar because I had to follow the film's layouts.

Review and please please give me feedback if you may :)

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I like the majestic vibe and the vocals. The instruments are excellent, and the atmosphere makes this a rather beautiful piece. The strings and vocals sort of drowned out the percussion around the 1-minute mark. However, I do like the climactic nature of it. It definitely has a direction to it throughout, even if the part in the middle seemed a bit simpler than the rest. I liked it better when it started picking up again around 2:45. I think the change-of-paces at 1:23 and 3:23 were a little sudden. I would've let the reverb do the work, and then had a brief pause before the next part. I like the ending, though, even if it was a bit rushed. Overall, great job, and I deeply respect your inspirations for this piece. Keep it up, KatMaestro! ;D


You evoke with this piece a sense of heaven, or of being freed from one's shackles. And then, bam! -- when the percussions come in, you evoke the persecution, battering and slavery that our black brethren have been through.

There's a section where the violins and double basses play the exact same notes. Consecutive octaves, ick.

Some parts grab me more than others, especially with a lack of loud-soft berween instrumental parts. You have a bit of dynamism there, but a bit more would make it even kore poignant.

In my mind this sounds like rescoring for the film 12 Years a Slave, and with the frizzles ironed out, may very well be! Powerful.


It gives me chills...

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks :)

My review can't do justice here, this captures the form of freedom in a sense of someone, or something escaping to freedom so perfectly. The aura of power, and sense of freedom it gives is purely outstanding. I put my mind in the thought of a slave escaping to something better, and I pictured the Civil War, with a black slave escaping from the South with Harriet Tubman, the Slave thinking the North's freedom, as a safeguard, and heaven itself. I can not provide such a high form of ranking without a very strong form of respect. Incredible job Elitistinen. If I could rate it higher than five out of five, I'd rate it ten out of ten. I hope you continue to make better songs, this is the first song I've seen of you, and I'd like to check more of them out. Other than that, continue with your work good sir. I found it simply amazing how you could capture it so quickly at the start to grab a listener's attention, then round them into it, grasping your form of freedom in song, it's just.. Beautiful. The choir is amazing, Elf choir still could work for a sense of freedom if you suggest it correctly.. Which you did. The harps simply made it Angelic! Music to my ears.

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks for your review bro. I glad I found this lost reviews!

wow! thats really "Freedom"
the voice fits perfect and the harps are really good!!!
Here you go with 5 stars!

KatMaestro responds:

Thank you for the review sir :)

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