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The Nasty Nice Fairy

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Author Comments

MAC 07/06 much extended ver. of last track. vox from TNNF himself lool, enjoy

2020 - LjCoffee was one of the first artists I came across here who really made my ears prick up and showed me for the amature that I am... such finesse this guy delivers... I bastardised one of his tracks here.

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crack fwizzle and so on

Whoa man, this is awesome!

It's the first song I'm hearing from you, but it's wonderful, I love how the track a) doesn't give a crap about conventional songwriting b) doesn't give a crap about conventional production and c) seems to be all about not giving a crap!!

It's random, but well thought out randomness and that's the only random with artistic value. Plus it's transparent, I can hear everything that goes on. You made it so that I don't get lost in the randomness, I can just swim around in it :)

Oh man and I loved the guitar. Don't that be the best instrument ever, a guitar?

Sorry man, all tens :)
Heard any Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3 or Frank Zappa? Check them out, I think that for example Mr. Bungles tune "Desert search for Techno Allah" will appeal to you...

Keep it up! Once I finish my MAC6 July reviewing spree I'll be back soon to check out more of your stuff, in the meantime, you're free to do the same to mine :)

5/5 obviously

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

*weep, 'somebody understands me!!!' lol.
no seriously, this is a review that i love. u seem to appreciate the not giving a crapness in a lot of my music. i think ur bungle appreciation gives u a good standpoint to enjoy this track, and yes i know well the cheifs and bungle. and 'desert search... 1 of my favourite tracks in the world. have u heard the album 'california'? if u have then u'll recognise the vocals in the middle of rapture 2012 from goodbye sober day. i sahre a certain musical sensibility with mr bungle that a lot of people find hard to swallow but i can see u have a wide aesophagus. will check some of ur stuff
peas and crisps,

Ummm... so wierd?

I have never heard such a piece of music before, extremely original, extremely wierd.

Things i didn't like too much... The wierd melodies in the first half of the song, the voices, but that's cause i'm not a big fan of those.

Things that i liked... The drums were very nice and so was the bassline. I think that if you didn't have these drums that the song wouldn't have any structure and fall apart though...

I'm still in shock though :) So wierd that song is. Defenitely unique. Nice work.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

thanksw for listening.
'definately unique', for better or worse, is the best compliment i can get, thx

Naughty but nice

Nice use of guitar with electronics. Really interesting intro and the weird sax? is a good addition.
The amen style of beats/breaks is a little overused i feel, but it works well in this trk as they are nicely chopped and well executed.
Dischordant feel in places, which makes me feel a little uneasy, but in a good way.
Perhaps a little too afx in parts, but still really enjoyed it.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

yo kingb.
yeh, i try to avoid the amen drums as much as possible, dunno why i chose em here. as for to afxee, maybe the choice of synth when the glitched vox come in and also the glitched vox themselves, wasn't intentionally goin for an aphex sound tho. glad u enjoyed it tho:)


The buildup to the stabs is well devised in carrying out a mood, sort like the prerequisite: "Hey, we're chilling out because this is about to happen".

The stabs themselves are pretty simple, and the melody is something that must've taken you a while, but the way they are carried out is like a early and lost song to Jega or U-Ziq. They did a lot of this stuff.

The drum patterns are excellent and relentless, complimenting the melody and it's stabbiness. If you notice that whenever someone engineers breakcore or attempts to splice drums, they often hold no rhythm, they just splice randomly and come along patterns they like, which doesn't seem to be the case here: intentional insanity.

My only criticism is that you went off on a tangent of wackiness toward the end, for the sake of sound insane. Which is understandable, but the song you had the beginning had the perfect theme; the melonchaly of an emotional song and the speed of a screamo, if you had elaborated on that you would've blown people away.

Anyways, you're my favorite Pedro among Mancuso's, keep it up, I'm listening.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

yo, thx for the review.
never heard of jega or u-ziq, will have to check them out. as for going off on a tangent, well i do get carried away a bit sometimes. i like tracks that seemingly have no traditional structure, it keeps me interested but i know this doesn't always work too well when i try it:) (not that thats gonna stop me lol)

Perhaps a bit too confusing

Nice feel to it but at some point it just seemed too much... it became a bit to overwhelming. Nice pace set though.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

hehe, is a bit hectic i know:)

Credits & Info

4.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
6:21 PM EDT
File Info
3.4 MB
4 min 57 sec

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