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the world passes you by

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what if you woke up and found out that the world had forgotten you?

what would you do?

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What to say that hasn’t already been said? I don’t really have much to offer in my words, but I felt compelled to at least say something while I listen to this.
I first heard this last week, but I don’t like giving comments on stuff upon first listen. I returned to it today, obviously, and I remember thinking that the transition part was a nice surprise. There seems to be two “songs” pieced together, but not in a way where they don’t belong either.

The production of this is nicely done-- I can imagine hearing the section at 4 minutes on tv for some advertisement really. I mean that in a good sense as well.
The piano section in the beginning is really chill, and it’s something that I can allow wash over me without having to follow too much the train of thought. Yes, very soothing to which I could just been fine without the latter stuff.
The best thing I can say about this is that it inspires me to want to get back to composing.

I feel you could have ended this two minutes earlier, though, because it is repetitive. There isn’t much new at the end that you haven’t already stated earlier in the piece. There! That’s one critique….eh who cares. I can live with it.

Interesting question in your comment section. What would I do? Be as I were I suppose. To be forgotten by this world is our destiny after we’re long gone anyway. But that doesn’t mean to be pessimistic either. It’s a fleeting life, and to a certain degree, this piece captures that tone.

johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review dude.

> two “songs” pieced together

I think I could possibly be taking some motivation from post rock here (I usually do), because those songs often join together many different (thematically linked) ideas into the same song.

> repetitive

Yeah, I'm always trying to strike a balance between too much and too little repetition. I think here there was a bit much, there definitely could have been more development in that second climax...

Again thanks for taking the time to write something here. I hope you do go back to composing ;-)

Well, I don't feel like writing a massive review right now, even if this song certainly deserves one :D
I love the melodies, and most of the dynamics, along with everything else.

Those footsteps in the beginning were important for this piece, I'd say, even if TheDoor6 seems to think they were superfluous. However, at the end I would have wanted them to be slightly different; I think it would be cool if it sounded like they were walking away, and if you faded them out, instead of just letting them walk like nothing had happened. Still, I understand that symbolically, it might be best if they remained consistent.

This is one of my favourites from you, for sure! I personally like the fact that you occasionally didn't use that many instruments, this song definitely reaches the emotional plane better than many other pieces do! And oh do I love those transitions at 3:21 =>, 5,17 and , 6:02 =>

And Boom! We have that long section after 6:20 :D

You know, after this I was only waiting for the piano to be introduced as a solo instrument once more, before the inevitable footsteps at the end (hey, you've got a song with the shortened name "Footsteps" too, I just remembered XD). Well, the piano didn't turn out to play entirely by it self at the end, but I still think you pulled off the ending well :')

I love the calm beginning of the song too; this track has so much developement! Rawwrr! But seriously, I love it. Its a shame that people don't always have attention spans that are longer than a couple of minutes (I'm often guilty of this too).

Aaaaannnnddd, I'm off rambling again :p

There were a few (very) minor "issues" with this track, but they are so insignificant that I don't feel any need to point (some of) them out :')

As usually, great job ;)

johnfn responds:

> Well, I don't feel like writing a massive review right now


You are crazy haha.

> footsteps

Yeah you're right I shoulda faded those out!

I'm glad this is one of your favorites. It's actually one of my favorite songs I've written also. I can't even really say why, other than that the progression just speaks to me.

> I was only waiting for the piano to be introduced as a solo instrument once more

Lol yeah. I was tempted to drag out the ending even more, but honestly I felt like I had already used up everyone's attention span in the previous 8:30 minutes so I just ended it. :p

> long attention spans

Yeah I feel like every minute I go past 4 I'm making more and more people give up on the song rather than powering through it you know? But idk... it's all about artistic expression... or something. What I'm trying to say is I DO WHAT I WANT AND IGNORE EVERYONE! But you can keep leaving reviews because I read them and try to use them guide me to some degree.

I'm rambling way more than you.

Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The footsteps at the beginning seemed a little irrelevant to me, and once the piano came in they didn't seem to be sounding on the beat. Did you play that live? The piano part is pretty, but the piece progresses very slowly in general. I liked the synths a lot once they came in, though. It does seem a little minimalistic at times, but the melodies are still very beautiful. I could see this being in background music for a short film or something, but otherwise I think it's hard to keep an audience engaged for 8.5 minutes, and this piece is no exception. However, I love how the piece started going in a different direction at 3:27, and how you got glitchy at 4:11. The breakdown at 5:20 was a much-needed structural relief/dynamic contrast. I liked the melodies after that a lot, particularly around 6:53 and on. The ending, I'll admit, was a little disappointing, but I know it's you're style by now. ;) The least you could do is make it a bit more gradual, because I feel like a piece this long needs some sort of grand conclusion. Anyway, this is all-in-all a very good piece. I've been very critical of you in this review for some reason. As always, I look forward to hearing your future tracks, and I bid you a good day, sir! ;D

johnfn responds:

It's kind of funny how you wanted a more gradual ending but also thought the piece was too long =D I was actually worried to stretch the ending any further, because like you said 8.5 minutes is kind of pushing people's attention spans.

For my part, some of my favorite songs are 20-25 minutes long! Obviously not everyone's cup of tea. Still I feel like longer songs have their place because they can tell a bigger story with more parts than smaller songs. Hence the footsteps! To me this tells a definite story, but of course I want to leave it up to interpretation...

The first piano part, as far as I can tell, is on beat. It might be the rhythm of the footsteps that messed you up :) There is definitely some slightly offbeat piano at 3:20 ish but I kinda liked it because it felt a little emotional. In fact, aside from the first piano, pretty much all piano in this piece was recorded improvisationally. Maybe it's some sort of merger of my piano and electronic styles! :D

Anywho thanks for the review dude!

I want to have the words to tell you what I think of this, but I simply don't...

johnfn responds:

ahhh thanks dude! that means a lot!

good to see you again too!

Too awesome!! ^^

johnfn responds:

Thanks dude! Haven't heard from you in a while :)

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