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Desolate Aftermath

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If you can find a better category for this than 'general rock', be my guest to suggest it. I'm not very familiar with the different rock genres in Newgrounds.

This isn't my best work, but it's something very different to what I'm used to. I guess it's more of a WIP, because it's a bit short and I'm thinking of extending it.

The title came as a combination of two titles that my friends gave me for this song. The working title was 'Creep'; you can see why I changed it. If I titled the song, it would probably be called 'Dark Depths' or something. You can rename it to that if you like.

The first part of the guitar solo was done a while ago, the second part was done post-Analog Rush. You can really hear the differences in styles and the inspiration from Analog. I enjoy quick, successive notes that appear in random melodies, I guess (it's probably the jazz in me).

Anyone who can tell me which Newgrounds artist inspired this gets an internet cookie. (Hint: No one's ever gonna guess it.)

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I didn't know you did rock! I like this a lot, especially when the synth comes in at :48. I love the ominous mood and instruments. I love all the structural changes too. I think it progresses a little slowly at times, though, especially in the beginning. Otherwise, however, I like the transitions and atmosphere and mood. I think it's great that you're expanding your palette of genres, so-to-speak! Sorry I didn't review this earlier, btw. I was on college visits in New York. Anyway, keep up the good work, LunacyEcho! ;D

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks! I'm not very used to rock, but I gave it a shot.

Structure? Really? It literally went intro-chorus-verse-outro. Like, that's it. I guess simplicity is worth more than it seems. :)

The beginning... I'd actually written the chorus first; the beginning was intended to build up to the chorus. That's why it seems dragged out, I guess. Details seem a lot cooler when you're writing them, but if the audience can't hear them, it's futile! Yay!

I try to keep up a wide range of genres. I think it's a great way to learn about different styles of music while keeping my skills sharp.

Don't feel obliged to review everything, dude! Your life is busy enough as it is, what with college and all!

As always, thanks for the review.

Why don't you name it "The Analytic Adaptability of an Anticipating Aerilate" ? :D

Well, I am one of the worst people at choosing genre, so I'll leave that to someone else :)

This has a quick beginning and a quick ending, imo :p That didn't bother me at all though o.O
I think you did a good job with this one. I'm just not good at reviewing rock songs, for some weird reason. I really like the genre though! I'm impressed by how different this is from what I've heard from you earlier. I also like how you're not one of those few people who try a rock genres out, but end up making something that makes your ears bleed. This track has structure, and although the instruments are rough, they are not annoying!

Also, good job on mixing so many different elements in here! My favorite is when you blend in that synth and the choir at 0:48! (I also like the part after 1:11, which follows directly afterwards).
That guitar solo is good, but it's not the cathiest I've heard :) (Good job on 1:55 => though, it's definitely different than the earlier part :D).

Nope, just kidding, my real favourite part is that after 2:10, even if it's extremely similar to my first favourite part. Makes sense.

Anyway, this is some really good stuff you've got here! Again! My only complain it that some elements seem a little too much *puts on sunglasses* 'on beat' (HA! Ha. ha...)
No but really, I have difficulties imagining a band that would actually manage to play this accurately the whole way through, especially regarding rythm and tempo :p It's probably just me though...

You'll never give anyone a cookie, will you? Good job once again ;)

LunacyEcho responds:

"Aftermath" is enough for the single-word Pokémon abilities starting with A. Once again, my tags were an inside joke! Sometimes, I think they're my favorite parts.

You know, I actually tried making the beginning subtle, building up to the part at 0:48, which was basically the chorus. The ending was easily very sudden, because this is sort of a WIP and I might extend it later.

Rock, synth, choir, definitely some elements that I've heard together and easily go very well together. On my first full rock song, I wouldn't want to go crazy and try to put polka and ragtime and dissonance and traditional Chinese instruments in here, would I?

Aha... I suppose I tried making the solo more melodically focused than catchy. The first part, at least. The second part, I went absolutely mental on.

2:10 is basically the same as 0:48. No questions asked. There's a few changes, but they're hardly noticeable.

Oh, LSD. You know how I hate my non-tempofied music! I've actually heard some metal bands that are amazingly good at keeping tempo throughout the whole song. Dream Theater is a prog band that amazes me day after day on how on-tempo their music is. When making criticisms, I'm surprised you didn't dislike the jarring whatever-it-is at 1:44. It was originally supposed to be a glitch effect, with a small crescendo and not being that loud at all, but I guess something messed up. Whatever. I'm too lazy to re-export it. :P

Cookies! They're all mine! Fine, I'll tell you. Unbelievably, it was Step and his song 'Alluring Darkness'. After listening to it, I created the synth/choir melody you hear at 0:48, and I made a song based around that.

Thanks for the review!

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Feb 19, 2014
11:20 PM EST
General Rock
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