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Didn't really know what genre to put this song into. In my opinion, it wasn't "epic" enough to be considered cinematic, and too "modern" to be classical. I just decided to put it as experimental because that was basically what it was. I used this song to tweak some of my ideas of mastering, and used EQ and a compressor for once in my life. I also panned certain things in different directions so the sounds weren't all blasting in the middle, and clashing like crazy. If you guys have any tips for mastering a song, let me know in the comments. I love feedback! Thanks for listening!

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Hi there. I don't think something has to sound 'epic' to be 'cinematic'. Although I now associate the word 'epic' with 'bland' rather than cinematic.

Your music does have the correct constructs to work for parts of a modern day video-game for example, and if you were going for that, you've achieved it. It is pleasant enough to listen to and competently-mixed. Definitely not dislikeable. But that said, as a piece of music in and of itself, it doesn't really have an emotional impact on me. It has no emotional punch, that 'little something' that really gives you that gut wrenching moment, the bit that pulls on your heart strings. Perhaps if you'd strayed a bit from the pop music progressions, and hit a different chord that makes you go 'oh', something to surprise. Of course, a piano playing pop chords *does* work for a lot of people, so if you enjoy doing that sound and know your audience then that's cool too. This is just my opinion. Your mixing is generally fine, and spread generously across the spectrum, so kudos on the production aspect.

Good luck with your future work.

This is pretty sick. I really love these kind of epic/dramatic/sad track like this. Just like the other guy said, it feels like and epic/emotional talking scene. Like seriously, a scene just popped in my head as I was listening to this where someone has been searching for their friend for months. Then when they finally catch up, the friend is has changed and declares that he is going to the "evil side" while the other friends are desperately trying to convince him not to, even though they have no chance in changing his mind. (I promise, I didn't try all extra hard to come up with it or anything, it just came to me lol) It really sets a powerful atmosphere. It made me visualize a whole environment ant everything.

Now as for the actual feedback, I think the some of the chords that come in should be more prominent (like the one at 1:23). That would have added a lot I think. I did like the choir synth you used, but I feel there are better sounds you could have chosen for that part though. Very nice song overall though! I listened to it like 5 times =p

Crimsonskies455 responds:

Really glad you liked it! Thank you so much for the awesome response! :D

It's actually a really good track, and it actually feels pretty epic to me. I instantly think of a very emotional scene in some action movie when it slows down for a moment where to people battle it out with words. So yea, cinematic. Lol

Crimsonskies455 responds:

I will defiantly switch the genre then lol. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it!

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Feb 15, 2014
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