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First song of my second month.

Update: Added in the percussion!..... Really need to work on my skills with the drums... Not satisfied with how it turned out

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I'm astonished that you are capable of such a track having only just barely started making music. Given how long you've been at it, this is an absolutely superb track.

Biggest complaint for me was the drums felt really stale, and kind of dry within the mix. I also felt they could use a little more variation, as I don't think the 4-to-the-floor style didn't really suit the song very well. The snare/clap also felt extremely dry to me.

That aside, I do think you could have added a little more variation or movement to the plucks that play throughout the majority of the song in the background. Even though they aren't really in the forefront, their repetitive nature by the end of the track starts to grate a little.

I also would have liked to hear a more conclusive end to the song, as opposed to how it just sort of drops off.

Regardless, for how early you are into your musical career, this is a fantastic track. Like I said in a previous review, I wish I was able to create something like this a mere 2 months into my career.

although the track ended abruptly i thought it was a well structured piece of music, nice to hear lots of different instruments complementing each other though out the piece, your leads really stand out in the mic however your drums lack power and variety. try processing your kick more to make it stand out in the mix, I can feel it's sub but not much in the mid range. I felt mixwise it sounded a but harsh at some points. mostly at about 1:00 where those delayed plucks come in. they seemed a bit to loud and dissonant.

Like others have said, the synths in this are perfect and the mix is impressively clean (although some volume tweaking might be required).

Now, to the percussion. I know you're not satisfied with them, but I'll comment anyway. They are probably a bit too weak for the 'hype' and 'intense' style you were going for. However, that might not your fault.

Percussion in genres like this rely heavily on the quality of the samples that you use. If you start with a bad sample, you will end up with bad percussion.

So, keeping that in mind, perhaps it's not your skills with the drums that is the problem, but instead it is the quality of the drum samples you are using.

Everything else is perfect. Whether the result of the percussion is due to the quality of the samples or your mixing skills is up to you to decide, since you know what they were like at the start and what you've done with them.

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed this, don't get me wrong. It's just that I feel that this could be better, and you are the only one who can make it so :) Keep it up, your rate of learning is very impressive.

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks man. I'm pretty sure the problem are the samples AND my lack lack of mixing skills. Well this is the first song where I actually feel like I used the mixer decently, so i'm glad it seemed to pay off since others have also said that the mix sounds clear (except for maybe the percussion). Thanks for the feedback

This sounds really freaking cool. As stated below, everything's coming out clear; it's just that the drive keeps sounding like it's going to erupt into this huge Amen break-ish thing but it never feels as if it... peaks. The percussion you have going currently isn't too bad, though, it sits well in the mix and fits the general style; almost a Paragon-esque thing.

In my opinion, all it needs is a bit of a better... arc, I suppose? More of a build up, bit of a tease of the melody (which you do at the beginning, very nice lead-in) and then have it climax into a euphony of amazeballs.

Lethal-Input responds:

Yeah I get ya. I does kinda feel like it's supposed to build up into something more. I'm glad I got compared to Paragon since that style is kind of what i'm going for lol

The melody is good and free of sound impurity, but as you say, it is missing its percussion, and for a song like this, that is a necessary addition to make.

I will await the completed song.

Lethal-Input responds:

Alright I'll notify you when I add it. I forgot I can update the track here so i'll probably do that.

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Feb 15, 2014
2:54 PM EST
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