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steel nightmares

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i think this is the best example of how my songs write themselves because i *definitely* didn't want to write something this dark/scary but then it sorta just happened out of my control.

i feel like i should apologize for this piece because it kind of creeps me out... sorry ;/

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Are you kidding?! I love creepy tracks! :D The mood and atmosphere was very ominous and engaging. I'm not such a huge fan of that distorted bass that comes in at around :40, though. The glitchy stuff at 1:09 worked better imo, but it still seemed very experimental and random at times. The transition at 1:50 was pretty sudden, but overall the structure was interesting. I loved what you did at 2:47 and how that led back into the angry distorted bit at 3:13. Btw, I think this is the closest thing to dance music you've ever uploaded, Johnfn, although you definitely showed the dark, clubish side! I thought the you didn't lead into the ending enough, though. It needed to be a bit more conclusive imo. Overall, though, this is an interesting experiment, and I definitely think you have the potential to master this genre as well! >:D Sorry I didn't review this earlier btw. I was in Maine on college visits...

johnfn responds:

> distorted bass

Too bad hahah this bass is finding its way into ALL OF MY SONGS >:O FM BASS FOREVER

> glitch

I certainly abused glitch in this song.

> dance music

I seriously can't believe you consider this dance music! Actually it kinda makes sense because of the heavy repetitive beat... but still what kind of people would dance to this? xD

> ending

I'm actually not sure what you mean about this, since I had it wind down pretty nicely I thought, except perhaps that the gradually more bitcrushed drums kinda just cut out randomly. I coulda fixed that.

No worries on being late dude! College is more important than my derps :D I hope that your college search is going well. Though I did start to wonder if you were dead. I have this part of my brain that instantly assumes that people are dead if I don't hear from them in more than like 12 hours. I'm kind of weird that way...

Ooh, this was definitely unexpected. It doesn't necessarily creep me out, but it does a hell of a job in trying to.

Beginning at the intro. It began with a typical johnfn beginning: a simplistic, repeated synth riff that preludes the song and foreshadows the feel of the song to come. It was nice, but when the bass came in at 0:29, I felt that there was too much focus on it. Too many wubs, man. I think you tried a bit too hard to make it interesting, maybe.

The part where the percussion comes in at around 0:54 was typical of you, in an atypical setting. I liked it a lot, but the bass was still a bit too strong for it.

2:48 was too silent. I think you have a habit of repeating the same structure in everything, and that was evident here. It's intro-melodic/heavy part-breakdown-even heavier part that sounds awesome-outro. I've noticed that recently, your breakdowns have been getting more and more minimalistic. I thought that here, it was unnecessarily silent. You really could've added a few more instruments.

That 3:12 transition was absolutely beautiful. Everything started coming together, and the bass finally started feeling like it belonged in the song. The filter at 3:38 was definitely unnecessary, but other than that, the part from 3:12 onwards was definitely the gem of the song. It was exciting, edgy, crunchy, and definitely something I've never heard from you that you should definitely explore. I never thought that glitches could be used in such a way before.

That ending. I'm sure you know what I'll say about it. :) Sorry.

I was actually thinking about giving this four stars, but it had too much detail and obvious effort put into it to merit anything that low. Most of the stuff you do is as top-notch as usual. Good job! You certainly don't fail at making a dark mood.

johnfn responds:

> bass

I dunno if you're keeping track but along with making my breakdowns even quieter I've been progressively making my bass louder and louder =D

One reason I did that little bass flair is because it sounds to me a little like a warning or maybe unstable electronics :D

> arrangement

Yeah I gotta do something new with my arrangement... bluh... it's because honestly if you have 2 climaxes there's honestly not much other way to arrange them xD

In retrospect I think I should have developed out 1:38 for like another minute or something, I really love that section. It coulda been longer.

And as you can tell I LOVE parts of songs that become so quiet that it's almost like there's nothing there at all. Especially because the rest of my songs are usually jam packed with crap. So that's not going away HAHAHAHAHA it might be a matter of choosing the right elements.

> 3:12 onwards

You should know by now that climax #2 is the only reason to listen to the song ;-P God I'm so lazy.

Fun fact is that I'm using the egyptian scale here, which is why it sounds really different (perhaps).

> effort

You probably shouldn't use this as justification to give me a better score haha. Especially because I was kinda lazy about this one... Actually the truth is that my glitching VST doesn't store any of the settings that I use because it's still a demo, so I pretty much had to finish the song all in one go.

Well, you don't have to be sorry, I definitely enjoyed this. I haven't really heard this kind of music from you before, so this was kind of unexpected!

The beginning almost sounds like something from the Halloween movie, probably because of the way you changed the key by a tone.

Songs often tend to write themselves, don't they?
I really enjoyed all the weird sounds you used here and there, Oh, and don't forget that odd segment between 2:45 and 3:12! (It almost hints at the end, imo. Even if the sound is different).

I'm guessing you made most of this using some kind of synth VSTi?
Very cool percussion as well.

As you can notice, I'm not really criticising this, but let's leave that to someone who finds more fault in the song shall we not? :p

Anyway, you did a good job here. I like to hear more dark music every now and :)

johnfn responds:

> The beginning almost sounds like something from the Halloween movie, probably because of the way you changed the key by a tone.

Yeah a lot of people get this. Its F major to E minor and it always sounds super tense. I guess it's ab/used a lot in halloween music too lol.

> It almost hints at the end, imo

Yeah it used to foreshadow the ending a little more clearly but then I lost some settings and forgot exactly how I had it set up before... oh well.

> I'm guessing you made most of this using some kind of synth VSTi?

Yeah Zebra2 for some basic sounds, and then a ton of effects chain routing stuff... Plus I also took some samples I had and chopped them up (for the guitar-like bass, some of the weird vocaly noises in the outro, some of the beats, etc). Also a layer of dblue glitch on top of everything

> percussion

Yeah idk if it was obvious but I was practicing my drums a lot here :p I normally do terrible drums.

Thanks for the review!

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