Sound of Creation

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For a good two months I had been trying to pierce the proverbial stone wall that prevented me from doing anything creative. This piece was slowly worked over this two-month period, where I really felt nothing could come out of me. Where my creative juices would normally flow, this thing would take two hours, tops -- but this took much, much longer because of the dryness I was in.

They say that the way to hear the 'sound of creation' today is to hear noise, or more accurately, static. These are said to be traces of the radiation created during the Big Bang.

Ah, creation. When things were much simpler. When matter slowly formed over thousands of years.

So allow me to go back to the basics with this piece. Sometimes, the only way to go forward is to be thoroughly inspired by what happened in the distant past. This piece may not be as awe-inspiring as the forming of the universe, but I hope it inspires, all the same.

Vocals recorded by yours truly. Also, with a few exceptions, I did my best to stay away from soundfonts, and find individual samples instead. I threw in lock, stock and barrel: static, clocks, chimes... I'm just going to let the song itself speak.



If anyone's curious as to what the vocals actually are, it's a constructed language I started on, say, two years ago, and recently found renewed interest in. Sauveterrané (prounounced the French way, SOVE-ter-ra-NEH). If there's anything I need to give a piece a mystical sort of feel without resorting to an already known language, this does the trick for me. If you're even more curious and you want to know the actual lyrics, I've posted a link.

Also, the inspiration came from my boyfriend (IrishChieftain), who often bores me with talking about physics -- and was the first to mention to me that the sound of creation could be heard by listening to static.


Breathtaking, ill have to listen to this again soon but write a quick review just to express myself.
Im a sucker for clocks, wich shouldnt come as a suprise as much of my own work revolves around the element of 'time'. I really, REALLY enjoy the much relaxing ticking in this track. Everything is crystal clear and kind on the ears. Tantric.

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Beautiful and very relaxing!

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks ^_^

Ethereally enchanting, and your breathy vocals indeed add to the mystical ambience of this track.

I found the chimes and various other effects enjoyable: they were reminiscent of the stars and galaxies. And a rather intelligent concept by yourself, I just Googled 'Sauveterrané' now and it directed me to your 'Codename Penyeksaan' track. I must say, I do admire the idea of a constructed language. So is this like how Shadow of the Colossus uses a language that sounds like Japanese, but it's actually an invented language made up of a blend of other languages?

Sorry for confusing you if you haven't played SOTC. I'd like to think of something deep and philosophical in relation to your music, but for now I'll just see this as something that I can drift off to. Thanks for sharing, take care, I'll check out the link...and all the other encouraging stuff I usually say. :P

5 / 5

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Troisnyx responds:

Thanks <3 I haven't played SOTC -- and unfortunately enough, it was a game series that I no longer support that first put the idea of constructed language into my head. The series in question is Ar Tonelico. As for Sauveterrané itself, it's got Brythonic roots (mainly based on Breton more than Welsh), with a mishmash of everything I could find or conceive.

λόγος--how fitting it is to have breath and melody alongside the 'sound' of the universe.
As I listen, I'm hearing several melodies coming out of this that aren't actually there...

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Your voice is amazing, this is the sort of voice I want to sample and throw into my own music. Extremely talented, loved the long description, been going through an incredibly rough creative patch at the moment whilst trying to get my album project finished. This must have looped 3 times before I turned it off, completely chilled me out. Very impressed, what a great piece of art.

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