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Analog Rush

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If Waterflame, 15thDimension, and johnfn had a music baby, I'd imagine it sounded a little bit like this.

So, this started out as a trance song with a neat chord progression, then into a D'n'B-type song, then into something I think sounds really cool. I don't think I've ever heard this type of music on Newgrounds before; at least, not the stuff I wrote in here. If you listen to the end, you'll get it. If anyone can find an example on Newgrounds of something similar to what I've done, I'd love to see it, because it'd be cool if I pioneered some epic new genre or something, but I guess that's way too cool to hope for. There's bound to be something like this somewhere. I probably just haven't seen it.

Anyone who gets why it's called 'Analog Rush' gets an Internet cookie. :)

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I love the atmospheric instruments at the beginning, and the harmonies that start at around :13. I think :26 was too loud in general compared to the relatively quiet first 30 seconds or so, but that's an easy fix. What bothered me most about this piece was probably the transition at :48 - it was very sudden. However, I love the melodies at 1:11. That instrument at 1:47 was really cool, too. Overall, I really liked the structure, and most of the transitions. I loved the portamentos and melodic variations at about 2:00 and beyond, but I thought you started to overdo it a bit after 2:30 or so. It felt a little busy there. Overall, though, nice work! I look forward to hearing more from you, LunacyEcho! ;D

LunacyEcho responds:

=> too loud in general =>

I think when you write a song, you sort of become blind to how it might sound to people who listen to it the first time. Going back and taking a listen, I think you're right. That is a bit loud. Sorry!

=> transition at 0:48 =>

Yeah, that was a little annoying for me as well. I tried dampening the blow by putting it under Drum'n'Bass and hoping that people would sort of expect that, but once again, I guess I was blinded by creation. :P

=> portamentos =>

Whoa, there, going old school in terminology! I had to look up what 'portamento' meant! Probably because I only received formal training in piano and it's kinda hard to slide up and down a piano. Maybe because of the part with the keys. Not sure. Anyways, I call it 'glide' because that's how it's referred to in my software. :D

=> 2:30 =>

Really? Aw... That's my favorite part! It's not for everyone, I guess. I can see how it might seem really complex compared to the rest of the song.

Thanks for the review, TheDoor! I'm sorry for only really responding to the criticisms, but I think you've reviewed enough to know that your writing is appreciated. :)

You must explain to me, why don't you have MOAR FANS!? HMM?? You better tell me! D:

No but seriously, this is some awesome work you've got here!
Even though I'm using my good headphones, I can't find anything to complain about. Hence, this will be more of a praising review than a critical one ;)

My initial thought upon listening to this was, why isn't this longer? I need more :()
Then I realized that this song is almost three minutes long... Which means you did an amazing job on keeping this interesting. This is definitely my favourite track from you thus far.

All the parts fit perfectly together, and the transitions between them are just perfect!
I even like (LOVE) all the instrments this time, not only the choises but the quality of them too!
And oh God the melodies! Everything from the bass to the background stuff to the main melodies are captivating, and complement eachother so well. If someone complains about the songs coherency I will personally... Well... Tell them politely that they need to rethink their thoughts! (Also, the percussion is cool. Everything here is cool).

And the instrument choises between 1:46 and 2:45 = YES!!!
I've heard all kinds of music, but theres definitely something different about this, at least slightly. If nothing else, there's the way you used whatever instrument you used after 1:46. I have heard similar things before, but not necessarily in the same way. This track absolutely is full of a special kind of memorability, so I think you succeeded in making you own genre, to a certain extent. At least a small subgenre, or something :p.

Oh well, I'm rambling again :/

You should really get yourself a good reviewer over here, who can give you productive criticism.

Anywho, how long did this take for you to make? And how proud are you of this creation?
Last time I was this impressed by how someone can mix different elements together so well, was when I heard <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/565975">Interstellar Gondola</a> by <a href="http://ghostlawyer.newgrounds.com/">GhostLawyer</a>!

I hope you are happy, since I can sense that you're going to go far ;)

(Btw, I don't think I'll get a cookie D: The closest I can get, is to realize that all the tags are Rush songs, and that there also is one called "The Analog Kid") :'D

LunacyEcho responds:

Whoa, there! Thanks a ton!


I'm grateful for what I have. Who needs fans when I've got people like you reviewing everything I create? :D I'd rather have less fans and more faithful reviewers than more fans and no faithful reviewers.

=> All the parts =>

I tried making my transitions smoother this time, since all the genres mashes I made in the past didn't really let me test my transitioning skills. I guess the reason the instruments sound better is because I didn't use any orchestral ones. For people without good VSTs, synth-based songs tend to sound better.

=> coherency =>


=> 1:46 and 2:45 =>

I loved making that part. I was originally intending just to bump up the glide on the synth I used there and make it sound really slidey, but then I realized how cool it started sounding, so I messed around with it a bit and I got that really fast part from 2:21 and onwards. Incidentally, that's also my favorite part of the song.

=> special kind of memorability =>

johnfn gave me a little lecture on what constitutes 'memorability' in a song the other day, and it made sense. You can find it on '80s Getaway', if you'd like to see it. Anyways, I probably didn't make my own genre, since the music here is so diverse, there's bound to be something else like this here. However, since you haven't heard one and I haven't heard one, it's memorable! Yay! I'll settle with a subgenre for now. :P

=> good reviewer =>

I'm contemplating sending this to the Review Request Club, since I'm actually quite proud of this song and think it's one of my best songs to date.

=> how long? =>

My software doesn't show the time spent on a project, but I'd estimate around 2-3 hours total. I'm VERY proud of this. I think it's one of my most unique songs to date.

=> links =>

Thanks for those. I'll definitely check 'em out.

=> cookie =>

You're right, the tags are all Rush songs. However, that wasn't the reasoning behind the title. I normally write tags as small puns based on the title or a factor of the song, and I named the song before I wrote the tags. I've never heard 'The Analog Kid' before; I'll take a listen later.

Thanks for the awesome review, LucidShadowDreamer!

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Feb 14, 2014
9:54 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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