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-=LJC=- She fed me the lotus

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IDM - love it or hate it but it is exactly what it is.

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Wow cool

This song has a laid back start. Cool beats with bits and bops. Breakdowns everywhere. Some voice later on. This is the kind of experimental song with cool beats and without any solid musical motives.
OR: 7, Im getting used to hearing this type of music in ng these days(:
DI: 10, Just as I said, a song without any solid motives. Everything you hear is different, nothing is repeated.
CL: 10, yeah clarity is really good!
EF: 10, It takes lots of effort to make a song like this(:
OV: 9, a cool song! But I would hope for more to happen. Not really in the melodic sense though. Maybe some things to add like.. more pads, or windchimes. More of a moodsetting^-^

LJCoffee responds:

Nice summary - "no solid musical motives" is a very fair statement.

I like the idea of something that's not really all that traditionally "musical" being able to be appreciated the same way though.

If you're hearing a lot of this on NG latley then maybe that's a good sign for me - perhaps one of these days, I'll wake up and find that the crap I'm putting together is marketable :)


Jesus, dude!

Your beats are mostly unpredictable in some parts, youve got a style all your own. You wouldnt care if i burned some cds to show to some people would you? Youre as inspirational as The Boards of Canada or Top Secret. Have any words of advice? (Besides switching from fruity loops to acid pro, which is looking like a better idea more and more)

LJCoffee responds:

No problem - burn away!

As for advice, I do use AcidPro but most of what your'e hearing is actually coming out of Reaktor 5 - I use Acid to sequence everything - I've been using that longer than any other music program so that's what I'm most comfortable with - it makes a great ReWire host too. I don;t have FL but I do use Reason and when I do, I usually reWire it to Acid so that I can have the benefits of VST support.

I would say that you should use whatever you feel most at ease with.


wow that was the coolest song ive heard in a long time. haha intelligent dance music. i had no idea anyone made it but i must say i enjoyed this quite a bit. what program do you use to do the beat chopping? god that was awesooome. ok im just rambling. anyhow, please check out my stuff if you get a chance.

LJCoffee responds:

Hi there!

For chopping things up I usually use a combination of Reaktor 5 and Acid Pro 6 - I'm glad you liked this one. I'll stop by your page in a bit and see what you've got.

Thanks for the review, now go tell a few other people about it! :D

other worldly

Nice trippiness here. The drums are awesome and I love what you've done with the stutters and glitches. Nice crunchy hiphop loop to get the groove running strong.
That is a sweet pad sequence. Damn, I like that a lot. I reckon that would totally last the distance in a 4 minute ambient work or something.
Nice vocal mangling as well, you've pulled out a lot of stops here, and it was worth it. The percussion seems to change every single bar, respect for the attention to diversity!
Nice one, would have loved that awesome pad after the first vocal to really continue with the track a bit more.

LJCoffee responds:

Oooh - thanks!

I like that pad as well - really smooth ambient kind of thing happening there.

I'm working on a few others that are sort of in the same style - I think I may clip them all together and see if I can pull off something that's 5min+. Most of the tracks I submit here are just so short - I'd like to see how a much longer piece would do.

That reminds me - I think I need to review a few chunks of your music... Hmmm - I'll try to get that done a little later.

Thanks for the review !


autechre style difficult drums. with a little more finesse than autechre. im not so much a fan of their deliberate nuking of rhythmn just for the sake of sounding other worldly, but this has just enough of it. extremely crisp and sharp percussion. the atmosphere is a little non-descript but the drums hold things up. gut schtuff

LJCoffee responds:

Never listened to much Autechre - in fact, I might have heard a song or two but that's about it.

Yeahp - the atmosphere should probably sit still a little longer eh? It spans too many decades to comfortably fit into a 2 or 3 minute track..

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4.73 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2006
9:30 PM EDT
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