Emotion Epic Story of Her

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So here is a little song I made about past memories. The amounts of sad and joyful parts of this piece tells a story of how long each lasted and the loudness represent the flight of emotions. I still miss her, but life happens.

I love trailer style music and I am pursuing a career (hopefully) in the music industry. I'm still learning about music theory and such, but here I get to practice!

My Youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPG0_0WWDKniQghI3fbXcw

Thanks and Enjoy!


"hopefully it will sound better"????? Could it ever be better than this? Just awesome. :)

I somehow just think everything you make sounds epic :P

SteveSyz responds:

thanks mate :D

Hello, I really enjoy what you are doing with this piece. The changes in volume, sound, and structure(don't hate me for using the wrong word) do a marvelous job at conveying the separate stages of your relationship.

That said here are some notes.
1) The transitions between the various seasons of the piece do in some way lack the amount of emotional brevity that I feel you were trying for. It is important to recognize hat true emotion is not born in the moment but instead grows and swells. As such the movements from one emotion to another in your music need to grow out of each other slowly.
2) This may have been for your lack of available music but I felt that in some instances, namely the cymbals in the first minute, felt out of place and distracting from the current tone. It may have just been me though.
3)The volume could have varied in a more broad fashion. What you did with it I loved and think that more could have been even better.

Thank you for your music. I love it and look forward to listening to more of it in the future.

SteveSyz responds:

thank you :P ill will definitely try to improve in the future and learn to make my songs more emotional. poeple like you help me get there so thanks!

Hiya, I thought your piece was pretty solid, well put-together, mixed fairly well. It had the correct structure for the modern day 'trailer' sound, and the basic pop chord progressions that you'd expect.

To give a criticism: In my opinion, I felt it lacked a bit of emotional heft, the kind of heft you were going for. I think you could make better use of dynamics to give parts of your composition more impact. For example at 1:55, I think you could've probably made it a bit louder, maybe doubled some layers, added some stronger percs, particularly if you're going for the 'trailer' sound. I would say however, that I think the modern day 'trailer sound' is generally a pretty faux-emotional experience, it's trying to sell a film, get you to see it, rather than get you to care about characters or what's happening to them. It's interesting that you suggest you're writing about past memories and whatnot. I think if you write about stuff that's personal to you, *your* past memories as opposed to past memories in the abstract, you'll probably write stronger compositions. As I said before, I think you did get the basic 'trailer' structure down, kudos there, but I didn't get the sense of narrative that you talked about in the description.

Good luck with your future compositions! I hope you get better and better with your practice.

SteveSyz responds:

Yea thanks for the feedback! This was my first shot at trying to do something emotional so here it is haha. next time ill keep in mind to shape my music more movie style than 'personal style'. im still using basic instruments so once i get my music packs hopefully it will sound better. thanks again!

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