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Author Comments

what have you left behind?


so it was late at night but I felt inspired so I just quickly did an improvisation. and then i was like "there are a billion mistakes" but then i realized I could just hold down the damper pedal the whole time and no one would notice... so in terms of details it's not up to my standards at all but WHO CARES IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND ALSO I SHOULDN'T LET THE FEAR OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING STOP ME FROM SUBMITTING

i think improvisations really cut to the heart of what you're thinking about, musically. for me it's all about f minor -> c major :3 also i guess descending baselines.

also have i heard that main melody somewhere? ;/ it sounds a little like BlazingDragon i guess but then again everything i wrote sounds like him :D


This song is so emotional and it's definitely one of my favorites from you. Can you please tell me the name of the instrument used, unless it's a synth you made? I think simple songs like these are what you're best at. Btw, Footsteps is still my favorite song from you by far, and I still listen to it sometimes.

My only complaint for this song is that the ending was slightly generic and expected, and it also didn't match the mood of the rest of the song imo.

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johnfn responds:

The instrument is actually a Zebra2 preset (Zebra is the only commercial VST I use, the rest are just built-in Ableton instruments) called "Ballad Days". I was searching through the preset library and I found it and realized it was really nice and I could play a nice sounding song with it... so I did.

Yeah I like footsteps too. Though idk if it's my best ^_^

It's actually made out of a bunch of FM synthesis. Though honestly if you went around hunting for piano-like bell-like instruments I bet you could find something close.

It is beautiful! You channel my emotions so well, and it really tells a story! I love the instruments and mood and atmosphere. I like how there's not really a very strong, regular beat (at least in the beginning). It makes it easier to show the emotion. Excellent job with the dynamic contrast and general show of passion. I think it is a little simplistic, but that's a good thing in many applications! ;D Keep it up, Johnfn! ^^

johnfn responds:

I channel YOUR emotions? haha but I like how you liked the lack of beat but it drove LunacyEcho insane.

Improv pieces are always simplistic! :D Thanks for the review.

I feel like an orphan and you are an orphan who grew up and became a hero and you came back to your orphanage to tell us tales of your heroism and now you're leaving again to leave me with the some strict old lady and I dream of aspiring to become heroic like you.


johnfn responds:

Pretty much exactly.

Btw I realized this sounds like Delgith in that it's just one instrument and tons of reverb and delay and sustain forever. That should be a genre.

Sounds really nice :) It kinda reminds me when I was younger playing Breath of fire IV :D There was similar song in their game :)

johnfn responds:

Oh really, maybe I should check out that OST. I am pretty heavily inspired by vg music :X

I'm not much of an improvisation critiquer, but I'll try to give a shot anyways.

You're a lot better than I am. Period. Yeah, I play piano. No, I can't improvise worth crap. I wouldn't call this a mastery of chords and melodies, but it's a damn sight better than anything I could hope to do. Well done.

I think that in many parts of the song, especially in the first half, you could've moved your left hand down an octave or so. It seemed a bit too high-pitched for a left hand, although the right hand was pretty much fine. There are places like 0:54 when the different registers played with your hands work wonderfully together, but I think they're a bit too close for too much of the song.

Also, the echo seems like it's a bit much. Personally, I'd prefer it with a bit less echo and more reverb, but that's just a personal preference, I guess. Speaking of personal preferences, the only reason I'm knocking it down half a star is because I'm a tempofreak. I'm a drummer, so it really annoys me when you have a song that's going along at a steady tempo and then some melody starts going on that misses the beat by a tad. For improvs, you sort of go in expecting to not hear the steadiest composing, but I think you could've done a bit better. Then again, it was late night. We all think different when we're tired. :)

Nitpicks aside, this was a wonderful piece. The ambience was done well and the melodies were great as usual. I couldn't really hear any glaring errors notewise (e.g. cracked notes, 'semitoned' notes, etc.), so it seems you have good control over where your fingers go, but not as much as to when to make them go (tempo!). Great job, and I'd like to see more of this stuff from you. It's a great addition to the chiptune break you've been having.

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johnfn responds:

> You're a lot better than I am. Period. Yeah, I play piano. No, I can't improvise worth crap. I wouldn't call this a mastery of chords and melodies, but it's a damn sight better than anything I could hope to do. Well done.

It's all about practice though, I've been practicing for years. I used to be really bad, like I would just sit at one chord forever and my right hand would do random things. You could be as good as me if you practiced as much as me =D

> echo

Yeahhh so I was just doing this to mask errors.




I'm lazy.

> tempo problems

Yeah dude I can totally understand. Even though I'm not a drummer I think that this kind of thing would drive me crazy if I had not originally written it. I'm actually surprised more people weren't annoyed with me haha. I really need to practice with a metronome more...

The thing is that most improvisations I do are (melodically) exploratory, venturing into territory I haven't seen before, so I go a little slower trying to figure out where it should go next etc. Idk I'm just making excuses. lol

Thanks for the review though!

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Feb 10, 2014
3:59 AM EST
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1 min 41 sec
4.32 / 5.00

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