Dream Raid (Studio)

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Something fun I did for a school project. I liked this one enough that I'm going back into the studio to have this recorded with a live orchestra for my portfolio. More news on that later...

This track is a re-score of a scene from the movie "Inception." It's one of my projects for my senior film scoring portfolio. Basically we had to re-create all of the audio from sound effects, dialogue and music for a scene of our choice. Obviously my job was to re-score the music. So far I've come up with this orchestral mock up for the scene. Later on we will be going into the studio and replacing most of the instruments with live players. I'm planning to replace everything except for the percussion.

So for those of you that don't know: A "mock-up" is a term to describe a track that uses virtual/synthesized/sampled instruments in place of real ones. Usually film/game composers use mock-ups of their scores to show a producer or director to see if they like it before they go into the recording studio to record real players, usually orchestral. Sometimes for many reasons such as a budgeting issue or simply because a real orchestra is not necessary a mock-up is more than enough for a producer or director.

This is the studio version with a live orchestra!

Some compositional notes--->
Essentially, most of you familiar with the work of Hans Zimmer, I followed what he did for the most part from the original music that was in this scene. You might have to take into consideration that the sound effects and dialogue also come into play when it comes to deciding how to compose music for a scene. Some parts I feel don't really compliment the chase scene as well, but with everything that's going on that you aren't hearing (because I muted everything else in the scene besides the music) works pretty well with what I have here. That being said, it was hard not to include some hard hitting rhythms and the power of the low brass. I didn't even consider woodwinds. It would've added some other character to the score that I think wouldn't have fit at all. We're pretty much looking into recent trends in film scoring with ostinatos and brass lead lines and of course the overpowering percussion to drive the action forward. Some electronica concepts were also explored mildy in the percussion parts. Harmonically I kind of just toyed around with parallel chromatic movement of the main ostinato's centricity; Moving parallel from one key center to another. The "B" section when things get slowed down a bit, I observe the same ideas but ad a bit more dramatic elements that flow a little lighter to help contrast the mood. In the mix with everything else, the music is kind of in the background and really helps to compliment the vast snow environment our main characters are conversing in. All the elements from here on out are taken from the main ideas heard earlier. I would like to add that I just arbitrarily decided to change up the ostinato for the final "car chase" just because. I'm sure most people wouldn't notice since it is pretty much the same pitch sets from last time, I did want to create the idea of change, and moving forward as many would know from basic cinematography that usually any sort of "moving forward" character or object from a frontal view usually represent some sort of progression in the plot. So if there is any idea of "Inception" in my original film score here, there you have it.


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This remake of one of Inception's songs would definitely fit alongside the original. Awesome job dude!

Wow, great work, and the compositional notes were also fascinating. This was definitely my favorite track on the podcast. Great interview as well.

This was pretty damn impressive considering it's a re-score from Inception. It's funny too considering I didn't read the description first and that was the first thought that came to my mind, "This sounds like it would be from Inception." Hans would definitely approve of this remake! It definitely lives up to the thrill and intensity of Inception and keeps you wanting to know what happens, and you're only listening to a song! Well done man, cheers!

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Feb 9, 2014
1:20 PM EST
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