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Author Comments

A king slumped over an enemies grave, grinning... Did he really win?



that was a bit deppresing to hear but.for some reason that made me smile too i must be a pretty weird person, or am i? i dunno however there is absoleutely nothing i can say for improvment this was just nice and....almost perfect...Wow, i love this for some reason but doesent feel worth downloading either...any how nice job for music it was kina short but in this case i guess this was the perfect time length

MaestroSegments responds:

Thank you TheLoudSilence.

I don't much care if you download it. As long as when you listened to it, it gave you a feeling, and a story to dwell in. If only for one minute, if you were able to escape our world to join another, then thats all I could really want from the piece.

I don't think you're crazy, i'm crazy, and I know when others are crazy >:(

Thanks for the review ^^.


I did like a lot your song, I got a question, how did you do this? with FL? I am really wondering if such program can do such beautifull songs woa. I tried to play around with it but it seemed such a imposible program to use

MaestroSegments responds:

Sorry for the uber delayed response.

I made this with FL, but the sounds you are hearing have little to do with the program itself. I use VST's to get these high quality samples, and use FL's sequencer to click in the notes.

If you would like me to help you get a hang of FL or just help in general, don't hesitate to email me, or pm me. I'm always happy to help.

Thanks for the review.

You are a Master...teach me

You are a true meastro... listening to your songs portrays images in my mind. What I saw in this one is an exodus of sorts -- millions of people leaving, a crowd as far as the eye can see. The world around them is barren... like a desert. And in deserts I see peace, a peace not found anywhere else, and the people realize the peace as well, and enjoy it. They slowly build a community in the middle of nowhere, and plant crops. Amazingly, there food grows, from the grace of a mystical being. The village thrives, until the people start to leave and start new adventures. The mystical being slowly diminishes. And when the village is gone,, it is then that they realize that it is the spirit of the people that had gave the mystical being it's life. I am new to composing, you can check out my page... anyways my main question is how do u kinda "know" what notes to write. Because I can make songs in my head, songs that make stories, but i cannot transcribe, although i've been playing piano for many years now...

MaestroSegments responds:

hmmm... where to begin? I'll be honest, my melodies are really just things that come to me, I begin with a simple melody, and then layer on top of it. Counter Melodies I suppose are the biggest bulk of my music. I love to layer on counter melodies, and I do a lot of pieces with that, so that may in the end result to being able to put together things together.

Before any of that however, I always always have a story, image, or feeling in mind, as you have just shown me, the song must be able to invoke a story, and in order to achieve that, you must take that feeling/image/story, and assign instruments to it that you feel would best portray that feeling.


This piece, my image was that of a great king, who spent many many decades battling an old friend, turned to his enemy through polotics. They meet in the forest, and though they are both weary, they are both tired of fighting, they unsheathe their blades, and in the serene forest scene, they run into each other.

They fight for many hours, until they both simentanously deliver a lethal blow to the other's chest. The king'd wound is deeper, and so his rival dies quickly, a smile on his face.

The king digs a shallow grave and throws his friend into it. He covers the grave, and stabs his blade into the mount. Leaning against blade, he grins, and dies.

This was the story, now lets look at instruments to go with it.

The harp and string chords, sets the sad feeling right away, the harp gives that serene, medieval melody.

The French Horns is the essence of royalty in this piece, the slow melody of the horn, like fading determinition.

The panflute, works generally to invoke memories, I think it is one the best instruments to do so. So I used it here to portray their child hood memories, and the kings ultimate sacrafice.

I hope this was helpful, I cannot tell you "This note and this note together will make this song god!", but I can tell you, this, and this is the thinking behind all of my music.

Take the instruments, give them a role, understand what it is they can and want to say for your story/image/feeling, and then let them write themselves.

Thanks for the review ^^.

Loved your work so far

Again, didn´t really sounded to me like the way you described it. More like a bit of a sad song to me, or a song you would add at the background when you´re in a ruined town in videogames. But anyway, I liked this again, loved your work so far. Keep it up.

MaestroSegments responds:

Thats alright Auz, I don't expect the description to be absolute, as long as you see a story, and a world to it, that is all I can ask from you.

Thanks for the review ^^.

Ah! What A Lovely Piece!

Wow, this song really shone! The instruments come together very nicely and form a very soothing and quiet melody that really stands out.

Like many others, I could picture a story/setting while hearing this song.

And just for curiosity's sake, what program did you use to compose this song?

5/5 Download! Feel free to check out my music.

MaestroSegments responds:

I used Fruity Loops to make these songs, but the sounds you're hearing have little to do with the program itself. If you'd like send me a pm and i'll tell you about VST's, the plug-ins I use to make these sounds.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2006
8:41 PM EDT
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1 min 28 sec

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