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you win!

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you win!

well done.



0. I don't know why I'm stuck on chiptune. I think it's because it's pretty straightforward in terms of sound design, so it lets me focus on the stuff I care more about (arrangement, melody, production to a lesser degree). It's also because I've been focusing on FM synthesis recently, which tends to go very easily with chippy sounds.
1. I was always impressed by how energetic Waterflame's songs were, so I wanted to write a song with an equal amount of energy. (himhim2340, this is for you ;-))
2. I think I really managed to push my production forward in terms of energy levels and good stuff like that. I've never written something so upbeat before. I never really cared to ace production, I always viewed it as a means to an end (so that people could understand the melodies etc.) This is because I believe that no one cares to listen to a song just because it's well produced.
3. I'm still using 99.9% FM synthesis.
4. Gonna just keep pushing at 9bit until it becomes 10bit.
5. Some of the better buildups I've done. Like that one at 3:10, I like it a lot. I'm actually using a reversed guitar sample in there, it makes it sound much more rich and interesting. (tricks of the trade ;o)
6. This song is so loud compared to my other songs. I always wondered how to get that extra loudness that well mastered songs have. Well I figured it out: ADD A TON OF BASS

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If i had a video game this is what would be played during the credits. Badass.

johnfn responds:

That was totally the goal! Thanks for the review.

Whoa now, everything in this song is solid. It's fantastic, mastering, synth choice, timing, transitions, flow, everything! It's simply amazing, wonderful, wonderful work here! I got chills from this, just to let you know.

johnfn responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah not gonna lie, I was pretty darn happy with how this one fitted together so nicely. Glad you liked it too! :D

Fun fact: You now have more songs uploaded in 2014 than I had uploaded in 2013 before May! Anyway, it's very dreamy, yet also more energetic and fast-paced than a lot of your other recent tracks. I think it does a great job of capturing the mood of victory: the sense of heightened glory and completion of a grand accomplishment, especially with the melodies at 1:37. The structure really tells a story, which I love. I really like the use of drums in this piece, even if it was a bit subtle at times, because I think it adds a lot to it. I love the part at :33, btw - that's one of the parts of this piece which feels so blissful, but also creates a lot of room for climax. I'd say the conclusive nature of this piece seems fitting, if you don't mind me saying - your last 6-8 pieces or so are so similar that they've simply started to bleed together in my mind. I think it's important to have a lot of variety in the way you create songs and the instruments you use, etc. It's good to experiment more - it helps you grow as an artist. You already know that, don't you? You've grown a ton since before NGADM: your transitions are rock-solid, you really have an in-depth understanding of structure and sound design, etc. But there are other excellent genres of music besides chiptunes and, as much as it pains me to say this, I feel like it's time you've moved on from this. Sorry. I may have heard this piece 6-8 times before, but it's excellent nonetheless. Keep it up, Johnfn! :D ...and I'm still waiting to hear those guitar/indie tracks you were going to experiment with a couple of months ago. ;)

johnfn responds:

Haha, I completely understand where you're coming from with the whole "omg johnfn you just wrote 66 chipstep pieces in a row". I really can't explain why but my brain has decided to go deep into chiptune territory, especially after I used to be like "lol different genre every song". And yeah I totally see that being tiring to dedicated listeners. But personally it's been helpful for me for two reasons:

1. I always listen to songs from a melody/arrangement perspective first. imo sound design is just a way to get melodic development across.
2. I learn more about mixing/production this way. I think this might be my best mix ever. I was able to take that step forward because I could focus directly on the mixing aspect of the song. If I had made this song orchestral (or something else), then there's no way I could have achieved that result, because there would be too many other conflicting variables.

So really it's all just a learning process for me... but I can understand how it would drive other people crazy =D

Anyway I take your advice to heart and will be sure that the next piece I release will be so experimental that it will make you wish that I went back to chipstep *cackles maniacally*


"Where are your indie tracks?"

BLARG I DONT KNOW HOW TO RECORD ACOUSTIC GUITAR. I think my mic isn't good. I need to figure this out.

In a word: Exceptional. A winner is you!

johnfn responds:

Thanks dude! Glad to see you're still around. I want more music from you! :D

Yup. You definitely know your chipstep by now, and that's ok! No matter what field of music you venture into you seem to make it even more awesome :p

johnfn responds:

Haha thanks! It could also be that chipstep is just inherently the best genre. ;-)

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