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Thanks for for the 2000!

This is my fifth song I have ever made. I love trailer style music and I am pursuing a career (hopefully) in the music industry. I'm still learning about music theory and such, but here I get to practice!

My Youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPG0_0WWDKniQghI3fbXcw

Thanks and Enjoy!


It's good, but it has a lot of issues which drag it down quite a bit.

Before I start, let me tell you I'm no expert, just a home musician trying to make some stuff, composing is just my hobby! Also, please note this only reflects my opinion, therefore don't take me for the ultimate critic :)

One big problem I have with this track is the overall feeling of this song. I feel like the whole track is very empty. While you have several layers, I can hear every single instrument playing, it doesn't feel like you're at the orchestra with a full esemble playing right before you, and to me this is very important if I want to make cinematic music. There are a couple of tricks to fill in the empty space: first, add some more layers! Make sure you don't leave the softer brass out (basoons, horns, tubas...)! Try using plucked instruments (a harp?), some more unconventional instruments (a harpsichord, who knows, it could work if you put it very lightly there), or maybe some more percussion (tribal percussion would be nice here!) or you know, anything, really! Go wild, experiment, and see what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to try out new things, you can always roll back your changes if you don't like them!

Another issue I have is with the drums, while they are often used in cinematic compositions, I'm not sure if they are entirely needed. Perhaps they are a little bit too present to my taste? When the big hall kicks came in, I felt like they took over everything else. They should probably be a little longer too (try adding a reverb effect if you have limited samples), and feel like a base to support the other instruments.

Melody-wise, it's good, even though those are some very overused chords, they fit, even so I feel like on a whole it's a very repetitive experience. I felt like there should have been a chord change somewhere to highlight a different idea instead of keeping the original chorus. I liked your breakdown at 0:55, too! :)

Another thing I would personally have changed is the arp, it feels very repetitive and would be a lot more interesting if it changed somewhere along the way ;)

Again, I'm not expert, only been composing orchestral for the past 2 years as a hobby, nothing more! Don't worry if you can't grasp everything imediately. Take your time to listen to your song throughoutly and see what you like, dislike, would change or remove about your music, and keep doing that. I have about 3-4 unreleased ideas that are on the verge of completetion, yet I am not feeling they are quite done yet. Maybe I'm a little too much exigent and demanding with myself, but that's just me! Point is, keep experimenting, and keep listening to your tracks. Don't haste yourself to release things, because that will only result in something of lower quality.

Another tip to improving your skills are just to listen to other composers! If you want to have a solid base I suggest you go and hear some compositions by people such as Mozart, Bach, and other more contemporaneous artists like Two Steps From Hell, Ludovico Einaudi, and others! These are just some of my favorites. But don't limit yourself to that! Listen to everything you can, even if you don't like it. I feel that to have a good understanding of music it is important to have a very varied music library to listen to. I like orchestral, but I also like drum and bass, I like jazz, rock, ska and raggae! The more you listen to, the more versatile your compositions will become. Take influences from other genres to enrich your own songs, that's what I like to do! :)

In any case, the song is solid but really just lacks in several areas.
I'll be following you in the future! If you have any questions feel free to reply and even send me a PM when you do, I'll gladly answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability, I'm always looking for other musicians to talk so if you ever feel like popping by! :)

Good luck, and thank you for your contribution to the portal!

SteveSyz responds:

Thanks for your advice!! I dont have the music packs yet as im still using the program samples, but i definitely understand what you mean. I am missing depth and i will learn soon enough!

Decent work. My only real complaint is in the intro and the theme that starts at :55 seconds in. Although the melodies are just fine, you're only filling two layers of sound space. Fill out those chords with some heavy bass instruments of even some mid range instruments, or if you only wish to have the upper space playing, it still needs to be full of some notes that aren't just doubled. Hope that helps and as a piece of advice for the future, don't become too reliant on patterns in cinematic music. Good work though. Good luck!

SteveSyz responds:

thank you so much for the tips! I made this on garageband so im still experimenting with how music works lol. and yea i agree that the intro and the theme did seem a bit awkward lol. thanks again!

nice, I like it, sounds good, has a nice tune. Aim high, I hope you can make it to the music industry, good luck

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SteveSyz responds:

thank you! Im still an amateur but my fingers are crossed for the future :D

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