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canopy melody

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Author Comments

music for walking through forests or jungles in the sunlight. wistful, hopeful.



alright fine for this song i wasn't lazy about the details. i knuckled down on it. all sounds designed by me except that one string patch.

i've been thinking about weaving many different melody lines together, and so making a song that has replay value because you can discover things you missed previously. this song has up to 3 melodies going at the same time.

if you're listening on bad speakers you're going to miss a lot of the lush detail, a lot of stereo separated stuff here just doesn't translate out of headphones :X


When I came here a couple days ago, this song had a score of around 1.7, confusing the heck out of me. I'm just glad no more trolls have returned since then.

It's a great song, with a good atmosphere. I love how you said we'd miss the "lush detail" if listening without headphones. Because you did, I purposely set them to louder than I normally would and was blasted away by the dynamic change at 1:04. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did NOT expect such a large change in volume. I guess it's not for everyone.

I think you did a lot better in percussion here than you have in some of your previous works (Wide World, for instance). The one thing I'd like to say about it is that starting from 1:37 and in similar parts, the woodblock (maybe?) thingy gets a bit too loud for my tastes. You know, the one that goes DUK DUK DUK DUKUKUKUKUK DUK DUK.

If anyone could pull off combining so many melodies together, it's you. It definitely has replay value for me, for the reasons mentioned in your description. One thing that I noticed, though: It's a bit too climactic to listen to while relaxing, while everything else fits. The glides on the synths are a bit too sentimental to listen to for an uplifting song, while everything else fits. The sustains are a bit too long to listen to as an I'm-bored song, while everything else fits. It's like you're trying to make it hard for people to listen to this!

Anyways, it's a great song. I love it. But damned if I'm going to find a good place to listen to it anytime soon. :P

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johnfn responds:

I was hesitating on replying to this review because it is a pretty good one and I didn't want to do it a disservice by being like "LOL K" and moving on or something hahah... I like to include some sort of thought or insight in my review responses, so that people who review can feel like they get something in return.

Yeah the volume change was a bit of a mistake. It's because I made the "chorus" first and then filled in the intro - so I was listening to it with my volume on "chorus" level and didn't really notice a huge change. When I saw the waveform over on soundcloud I realized I had made a mistake.

> Wide World

LOL don't remind me ;.;


hahahahaha yeah you have a good ear, that is definitely a mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. (It's a bongo by the way ;-P)

> One thing that I noticed, though: It's a bit too climactic to listen to while relaxing, while everything else fits. [etc]

This though is such an interesting point! First because I never really associated the pitch bends with nostalgia (I just do what I feel like :D) so that was really illuminating. But you're right, this is kind of a mishmash of styles. I've never really thought about music that way before, so I'll definitely be thinking about achieving a singular goal with my future compositions. I think that one of my problems is I make all my songs climactic, even though it's not always necessary to do so. I feel like the listener might just pass over the song otherwise, you know?

Thanks for another awesome review.

I absolutely love the mood and instruments. The combination of the prominent bass and dreamy melodies in the beginning is really interesting. I love the percussion, and the structure and transitions are very good. It's also very climactic, and I love the melodies. Everything about this piece is so beautiful, perhaps with the exception of the last chord, which felt a little irrelevant. Still, why is this rated a 3/5?! This is yet more excellent work, Johnfn! Great job! :D

johnfn responds:

YOU ARE A REVIEWING MACHINE. I'm glad you liked this one (I did too). I've basically given up on gaining any sort of meaningful information out of ratings hahah. P.S. I think you can learn to love the last chord. It's got dat jazz feel!

Wow, haven't you been active lately! :D

It's kinda funny, I too made a song about walking throught a forest a while ago, however it's not nearly as good :p

Keep up the awesome work ;)

johnfn responds:

Haha yeah! I had a bunch of unreleased stuff and I just felt like powering through and finishing them up and releasing them all. Probably not the best idea in terms of maximizing my exposure and whatnot but oh well. :P Thanks for the review.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2014
11:08 PM EST
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 9 sec

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