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let all your worries fade away...




unless you were worried i was going to do more chipmusic :D

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You know, I didn't even know this song existed until about five second ago, when I read TheDoor's review about you having three songs and my frontpage loadout having shown only two since two days ago. Strange.

The thing that seemed most noticeable about this song at first listen was the use of a filter as buildup at 2:30. The second most noticeable thing was the filter at 2:55, which seemed a bit repetitive, given the one that had just happened half a minute ago. The parts at 1:25 and 3:18 were quite interesting, since you changed the song to an unexpected key that probably fits once you expect and get used to it, but causes a bit of a jump when you don't.

Is it just me, or is the synth you introduced at 0:13 just SLIGHTLY too loud at its peak? Probably just me.

Anyways, this was great to listen to. I think this is your best one out of the recent three-pack. Good job!

johnfn responds:

Hey, thanks for the review(s)! I really enjoy your reviews because you always pick up on interesting things.

I think it's funny that this is your favorite, and "you are not alone" is TheDoor6's favorite. My favorite was actually "canopy melody" making a nice even spread between the 3 songs ;-)

The switchups at 2:15 and 3:18 I actually like a whole lot, though I agree with you that they are surprising on an initial listen. I think it's because the song is primarily a 2-chord song , so your brain sorta settles into that rhythm, and then BOOM more chords. Once you know it's coming it's enjoyable though. Maybe I coulda built up to them more.

Also good catch on the filter buildup. You can always tell I'm rushing when you hear a filter buildup ;-)

I like the mood and atmospheric synths, although I feel like you've used many of them before. Those dreamy riffs are beautiful. I love the modulations at 1:25. It does seem a little bit minimalistic at times, like at 1:50, but in a way that adds to the tranquil mood and creates some valuable dynamic contrast. At 3:18, the synths and pads started to sound really harsh, although I like how you transitioned back into the coda. I'm not even going to reprimand you for your fade-out ending this time, Johnfn. If it's really that deeply ingrained in your style and your identity and a musician, that's fine with me. ;) Overall, though, nice work! Waking up to 3 new tracks from you made me feel overwhelmed, but also happy! ;D

johnfn responds:

Yeahhhh when you go for that higher sound you always risk the frequency problems. Still glad you liked it.

Unlike my other songs for this one I really didn't want to go overboard with epicness or details or whatever, I felt like it'd work against the relaxing feel of the piece. Hence the more minimalistic arrangement as you pointed out.

I've come around to thinking that the fadeouts I've done in the past were usually not a good idea, especially with the hyper energetic tracks I was doing. But I still think that fadeouts in mellow tracks sound really beautiful ;-)

I really liked how some parts of the melody had a distinct echo effect that really caused those parts of the song to flow. I also like how the ending of this song is almost a chipsteppy lullaby that brings the song to a nice conclusion. Keep churning your songs out cause I wanna hear 'em. Great song so 5 stars.

johnfn responds:

thanks! yeah i added a LOT of echo in this piece haha. keep an eye out then, i have 2 more pieces coming out very soon :)

Wonderful tune! The two things that really made this stand out was the use of fading and delay. My only resentment for this piece is that some of the frequencies on those high notes were a little hard on the ears. It's ever-so-slight, but when I notice it, it's unpleasant. Nothing some notch EQing would have cured. And maybe it's just me. Anyway, great job on this one, man.

johnfn responds:

yeah i buy it, there are some really high frequencies in this piece. i think that different headphones/speakers have different responses blahh. kinda annoying. i can just notch them away yeah. thanks for the review!

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