Be Strong, Until We Meet Again

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The beginning of this song is from my other track "its time to say goodbye". I was on a limited time schedule and was asked to produce a 5 minute track, so the rest the piece is original new music. Praise God, because i haven't had real inspiration in months...! I hope you all will enjoy this piece.

(its also time i start saving for a SSD.. because my samples are cutting out at times (kontakt library stuff not prerecorded notes or string patterns))

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Everything as it should be. Small criticism: a little too much bass. :)
2:45 I have scared me.
So a masterpiece. And those little things, break it.
Nevertheless. the best so far what I've heard here. in cinematic direction

Really epic and great.

0:00-2:25 [emotional, sad but hopeful?] It sounds like the background is carrying the melody, and the super awesome delicious staccato string track is shining in the foreground. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad for the piece.

2:25-2:54 [strong feeling of resolve, reinforcing the feeling of 'hope'] I think there is a bit too much separation between the occasional foreground effects and the steady background.

2:54-3:25 [intense reinforcement of the theme, powering-up any emotions felt, creating an effective climax] Wow, that hit the spot! The percussion really reinforced the feelings!

3:25-4:30 [riding off the rise in emotions with majestic hopeful brass] Majestic, but maybe the horn is a bit too quiet? It is consistent with the quiet melody over the whole track.

4:30-END [settling down with beautiful piano] Piano is magical.

(1) I'll mention again that it seems like some of the supporting elements take the foreground while the more steady melodic elements take the background. I can't imagine how it would sound if this were inverted so I can't really comment.
(2) 0:00-2:25 feels like one long, slow thought, which I start to become bored of, but the rest of the song flows through a good lineup of musical portraits. The entire song builds to a climax and then recedes to the ending in beautiful ways, the emotional journal feeling very real.
(3) You used quite a varied musical palette of instruments, but they only seemed out-of-place to me when they were too loud.

Good work! I love it! I think I'll add this to my "inspirational music" collection.

Incredible piece, the start was really awesome, and just the thing as a whole sounded really epic. I love how much emotion you put into this song. Really amazing piece, keep up the great writing!

Well done. Upon first listen I could sense the passion in this. Now I know that it is inspired by the Eternal.
Very peaceful at times, and rhythmically exciting in other moments. If I were to nitpick the production of it, the drums at 3 minutes doesn’t seem to be in the same “space” with the rest of the instruments, but who cares.
The instruments as a whole create a cohesive, interesting piece of music here. I can’t say that a particular part stands out over another as they seem to rather complement one another as a whole-- to bring “unity in diversity” ;-)

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Jan 14, 2014
5:19 PM EST
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