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Author Comments

Hope that somebody likes this.
If you've managed to catch the previous version called "my part of the collab" you might recognize the melody.

I've decided to go and make a full take on this since I realy like what I started and it should not harm the production of the collaborated version in any way. (or atleast I hope so)


I like the melody at the beginning. It's sorrowful and serene. It progresses rather slowly, and is rather simple harmonically. I like the cinematic vibe the strings gave it later on, but I think you have some balance issues. The piano and strings were too loud - they both completely overshadowed the synths. I think the dramatic mood is what really draws me to this piece, though. At 3:45, the strings cut off a little suddenly. I'd probably let the reverb do the work as you transition into that melancholy synth melody. Also, the ending kind of cuts off in an odd place. I don't know if you intended to fade this out or what, but it doesn't seem very conclusive. I'd try adding some tempo automations and ritardando-ing your way back to the tonal center, if you know what I mean. ;) Overall, it's not bad. Again, the mood is what really stands out to me in this piece. I like the instruments, and it's well-structured and smooth-flowing for the most part. Good job, and thanks a ton for offering to make forum sigs for the winners. I just realized that would be really awkward if you won, lol. ;)


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Deshiel responds:

lol you are right... I would be forced to replace my own SIG! :( I didn't think about that lol.

About the issues you had with my track. Sometimes I am aware of them & sometimes I'm not.
See I love music and making music, but I never studied it anywhere rather than listening to it.
So I didn't recieve any tutelage on how to give a music track its hands and legs. But I'm geting better. :)

I get sci-fi vibes, I suppose, but right off the bat, I find the piano a little too bright and dry for something which is meant to invoke awe as this. A little slowdown would have heightened the eerie quality of the intro.

The basses bring the piece to a nitty-gritty sort of life, almost post-apocalyptic. The synths are a bit hit-and-miss, sometimes they feel too high and dry, and sometimes, they fit just right.

Your strings in general are poignant, and make me thirsting for more. I can sort of sing the melody to this too, which is a plus.

I find that there's too little in the way of dynamics. Your loud-soft is heavily reliant on instrument layering, and when each part plays, there's no change in loudness. So for a large part it feels expressionless... dynamics could have really made it soar. I sense deep mysticism within this piece, because your chords and melodies evoke it. Your instruments evoke it. But it sounds unfortunately and sadly bland -- when I know in its heart of hearts it's not meant to be that way.

You've created a picture in my mind and credit where it's due; you are a world- builder. Points do have to be lost, however, for what is missing.


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Deshiel responds:

Well it seems that I might have an ear for assembling some nice melodies, but Overally I don't know what I'm doing, that's not a joke thats how I see myself.

I love the way the piano and synths sound on this one. They go really well together. Great choice of sounds all around!

I like the tranquility this piece offers and it still manages to sound powerful at the same time.
Well done :D

Deshiel responds:

hehe thanks. :D

Yikes, quit with the yelling, no one appreciates a screamer, especially one that makes little to no sense.

Hmmm.... Not bad, felt as if I was planning for a mission to some base, or as if this was a scene where a main character would be in a battle for their life. The pace of your song is consistent, nice, rich, music is not about being logical, but emotional, being willing to close your eyes and reach into yourself. Reaching in and letting your imagination run free, don't let those who don't encourage get you down, instead look towards what you feel you can improve.

With that aside, I would like to know what program did you use to make a wonderful song such as this, if you don't want to say that's okay as well. But I like your song, it's not as Cinematic as one would think but it has it's moments, the piano is a hard instrument to use in some cases but I feel that it works in your piece. Good job, a 10/10 for your hard work, keep at it. -Stray.

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Deshiel responds:

First of all, thank you for taking some time to review my track.

It's true that I wanted this to be emotional to some point and I am glad that It has succeded.
I know how to improve and where I've slacked off, because my creation process is always very short and I usualy compose simply to get the idea out of my head and I don't spend much time making it soun cool, I usualy wrap things up to sound "listenable". Let's blame that on my lack of motivation, because I simply don't have any reason to spend more than 2-4 hours on a track, unless I enter some contest or compose for some project.

I used fruity loops for the creation.
Sure thing that for some of you the only cinematic thing is the heavy string and perhaps the piano at some point. But seriously, I could care less if it was actualy techno or hip-hop.

I only listened to movie and trailer soundtracks on youtube so I am not very educated in proper classical/ cinematec/ whatsoever composition and it's laws. I simply do what I like to do and who knows maybe one day I will actualy read a book about it. ;)

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4.29 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2014
11:36 AM EST
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