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Machine loving music...


Not bad at all. Comments have already been made about using premade loops from Garageband, so I won't repeat that.

The only thing I would suggest is to include a 4x4 beat drum to make it an "actual" techno song. What you have here sounds like a 3 minute build up. There was no beat intro, or a beat outro. Just an atmospheric track. If you want it to keep it like this, then I would suggest putting this track into Ambient instead of Techno..

You should definitely look into a program that isn't Garageband. Gb is a limited program and you can only do so much with it.

Keep it up, friend.

BurningBinary responds:

I actually am looking hard at logic, because I already feel the limitations of garageband, but it came with the macbook when I bought it, so there you have it. The 4x4 is great advice, so thanks for that! Drum tracks are something I am working hard to gain experience with, because I have very little at this point...

Like Cacola stated, loops and to a lesser extent, presets should be avoided. I did use loops when I first started as well, but I didn't like the fact that I had no control over certain elements of the loop and it just felt like putting a jigsaw together with pieces that didn't match (wow dat analogy).

I'm not sure what program you're using, but I suggest using a widely used program such as FL Studio or Ableton as there are plenty of tutorials for those programs (they are also great for electronic genres) and they will allow you to create your own drum loops and sounds rather than using premade loops.

As for the song itself, it sounds just like the first things I ever made (in terms of loop usage). The non-loop elements (the synth at 2:52 according to Cacola) were pretty good though, definitely something I didn't try when I first started.

As has been stated, keep making music and you'll get better. The largest factor when it comes to improvement is time, so the more time you spend the better you'll get. Good luck!

P.S It's great to see that you will take constructive criticism as it will also play a large role in your improvement and learning :)

BurningBinary responds:

I have zero problem taking constructive criticism. Can't learn without it!

As far as equipment goes, I'm running garageband on a macbook air, and I have a usb mic that came with my kids xbox for his rockstar game. That's it. I don't have a keyboard yet, but it's coming.

I do have a question about loops. What exactly is meant by loop? Does that mean recording something and looping it to run over and over (which is what I'm assuming,) or is a loop a pre made sound that came with the software?

I ask this because I did use two pre made drumbeats that are in garageband, but everything else I built up one beat at a time. I set them to replay themselves, but I built them myself.

While I think you have potential (The synth at 2:52 sounds awesome!) this song was just too annoying for me to enjoy.
The first thing that bothered me about this song was the fact that I could INSTANTLY what program you made it with. You need to use less presets and loops, it makes your song a lot less interesting.
Second, the whole song was too loud and chaotic. Some of the voice samples got really annoying.
But the melody's in this song were very well done, I loved them!
Please don't be offended or discouraged, I'm not trying to insult you, I'm only trying to give you advise. Keep making music and you'll get better, you're already pretty good at composing melody's!

BurningBinary responds:

Doesn't bother me in the least, that's what reviews are for. This is actually the first song I've ever made with ANY program, so I'm still way low on the learning curve. I come from a guitar background, so that's pretty much where I'm starting from, and trying to pick up the drums and synths as I go!

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